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5 Important Signs That You Need an Eye Test

Some parts of our body require special care than others, like our eyes. It is perhaps one of the most essential sense organs that we have; it helps us to perceive the world around us, and hence, we need to take care of it properly. In the age of technology, it is that much more critical for us to care for our eye as we spend all day staring into the computer screens or other such devices. This article gives details on when it’s time to go for an eye test and where to get eye glasses.

Eye Test


One way in which you can ensure that your eyes are as healthy as possible is to go for a regular eye test. This will help you keep yourself updated on whether or not your eye health deteriorating. Usually, it is recommended that you go for an eye test once every two years. The need to protect and take proper care of the eye increases with the increasing age. The eye tends to get damaged and the functioning is hampered at the dawn old age. Even if you already have glasses, it does not mean that you can skip out on an eye check-up; instead, it is even more critical for you to visit the optometrist since the chances are that you will not want your eyesight to deteriorate further.



What Are The Signs That You Need To Go For An Eye Check-Up?

Apart from making sure that you go of a regular check-up, there may be a few symptoms that should make you go to your eye doctor for an earlier appointment. While some of these symptoms may be common to some other problems such as stress, they are often you’re a sign of your body sending you alert signals.


Here Are A Few Signs That Indicate That You Should Book An Eye Test:

  • Regular headaches: Changes in vision take place slowly. Hence you may not be aware of it as it is happening. Frequent headaches, however, may be indicative of problems in your vision, and it may be a sign that you should visit the eye doctor soon for an eye test.
  • Sudden blurry vision or focusing problems: With a change in your eyesight you may have problems in focusing, or you may find everything to be quite blurry.
  • Eye pain or fatigue: Infrequent eye pain or fatigue may not pose much of a problem; they can be signs of cold or sleep problems. However, if you start to feel pain with regular eye movement, and feel as if you are constantly fatigued, then it may be a sign of problems with your vision ad you may want to book an eye test.
  • Squinting: If you feel that you need to squint often to see things clearly, then you are definitely in need of a check-up. Squinting is one of the significant signs that something is going on with your eyesight.
  • Obstruction in vision: Are you suddenly seeing spots? Or experiencing floaters in your vision? Then there is a need for you to seek immediate medical care. These may be a sign of some serious medical condition, and hence you should not wait long before you get a consult with a doctor.


Final thoughts

An eye test is important not only to find out whether your eyesight is becoming poor but also to maintain your health. Vision problems do not arise only due to failing eyesight.  A proper eye-check-up helps you figure out other conditions as well, such as diabetes, which can affect the functioning of the eyes. Check out the Warby Parker collections for eye glasses and prescription sunglasses.



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