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5 New Warby Parker Spring Collection Glasses You Will Love

January 9, 2018
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Glasses wearing is kind of the new trend. There probably are more people than you have ever seen before wearing glasses. Do you know why that is? Because of the amazing new styles that companies have put out for us glasses wearers to showcase. The type of glasses that you wear every single day has become a sort of statement. This is why you see people who don’t actually need glasses, wearing glasses!

Now, for my fellow glasses readers, you know the important things you are looking for when searching for new glasses. The color, the weight, the shape. Then you want to know how they fit on your face and what looks good. Glasses are something that you are wearing every day regardless of what outfit you are wearing.

Warby Parker’s spring collection has some really gorgeous designs. The spring collection brings out earthier hues to help warm you up from the cold! The spring collection is the start to the countdown to spring! The designs are light colored, fresh and kind of goes with the transition from winter to spring across the country! This collection focuses on their eyeglass styles.

Here are a taste of the new spring collection!

  1. Bell

  2. Hughes

3. Nora 

4. Vaughn

5. Nora

Try on at Home

Buying glasses on line have never been easier! Warby Parker provides this amazing service that you can take a quiz online to meet your glasses personality. It will give you the choices of glasses that will fit your liking. Now the zinger is that they will send you 5 frames to try on at home for free with demo lenses. Then you have 5 days to try them out and send back. You can upload your prescription and without even leaving your house, you can order new glasses! Technology is pretty amazing.


Making the decision to buy a pair of glasses is not the same as buying a necklace, a watch or a scarf that you just takeoff at the end of the day. Your specs are utilitarian & an everyday necessity! Every day you wake up & spend the time to do your make up, you should be happy & proud to put on your Warby Parker’s to compliment you look, not take away from it!

Check out their new spring collection today! 

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