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Tips on How to Homeschool From Your Apartment  

A recent poll conducted by Corey DeAngelis suggests that nearly 15 percent of all children may be making the switch to homeschooling this upcoming school year.  This would mean almost 8 million more students would be making the switch, and this number does not even include students who may be forced to do school at home this year.

While some parents and students enjoy working from home, others resent it.  I know from personal experience that it can be challenging to stay focused when class is entirely digital.  It can be very stressful for parents who are working from home to manage their workload as well as their children(s) workload.  We have compiled a couple of tips and tricks to help maximize your success with homeschooling from home, especially in smaller living areas like luxury one-bedroom apartments.

We have compiled a couple of tips and tricks to help maximize your success how to  homeschool from your apartment.

Stay Clean

Try to keep your homeschooling work area clean and tidy.  Much like a desk at school, it is essential to know where everything is and to avoid clutter.  Keep a wastebasket near your work area to dispose of any unwanted garbage or excess paper and consider working on top of a washable tablecloth.  The tablecloth will come in handy when working with messy arts and crafts.

keep your home desk clean

Keep an Open Mind

A homeschooling classroom does not need to look anything like a traditional classroom.  If you are working from your luxury apartment, you must be creative when looking for an area to homeschool from.  This area needs to be close to the homeschool teacher (Parent), have enough room for minimum storage, and have a flat surface to serve as a desk.  Tabletops are a popular choice in houses and apartments that do not have much extra room.

Get Outside

Being stuck inside all day can get boring.  Make sure to set aside time in your day to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  The outdoors provides many opportunities for real-world learning and can help break up your long day.  You can check out your nearest Metro park, find a new bike trail or even check out the library. Adventure is out there; find it!

get outside and play when homeschooling

Small Furniture

If you have young children and are limited on space in your house or apartment, consider downsizing your furniture.  Small tables and chairs can be found at stores such as IKEA or Lowes for low prices. These furniture pieces are light and can be moved around easily.

Include Downtime in the Schedule

Much like going outside, including downtime in your daily routine, is crucial.  Whether it consists of going out or staying inside, it gives your child a chance to relax and give the brain a much-needed break.


Get Comfortable

Sitting in the same spot for an extended period is difficult.  Make it as easy as possible by finding a chair that is perfect for you and your child.  A comfortable chair makes for less fidgety students and can make it easier to pay attention to virtual class.



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