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20 Signs You Are Ready to Have a Baby

Determining Whether You’re Prepared to Become a Mother

To have a baby is probably the most important decision one can take. That’s why you need to be in the right mental and financial state before having them. While there’s no definite age for parenthood, this article will give you a hint if you’re ready to become a mother.

There are many reasons to become a mother. But how to know exactly when you are ready? Whether you become a mother at 40 or 20, here’s how to know it’s time for parenthood.

To have a baby is probably the most important decision one can take. That’s why you need to be in the right mental and financial state before having them. While there’s no definite age for parenthood, this article will give you a hint if you’re ready to become a mother.

The Relationship Is Steady

Focusing on the baby could postpone your relationship arguments, but not forever. If you’re not happy as a childless couple, the fights may worsen after birth, considering the new responsibilities. You should be confident in each other because your future child deserves to be born in love.

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You are a Frequent Guest at a Baby Section

If you don’t have little relatives, admiring toys and baby clothes rings a bell that you want to become a mother. Another signal is when you imagine dresses from the maternity store on yourself, and you like the picture!

baby clothes

You Have the Traits to Become a Mother

Has anyone described you as forgiving, patient, or organized? If so, you already have the potential to become a mother. But lacking these traits shouldn’t stand in the way to become a mother; you can still learn these features.

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You have Picked Names

You’re subconsciously preparing to become a mother if you find potential baby names in book characters, musicians, movie stars, even people you meet daily. If you ask your spouse what their favorite name is, it is a sign too.


You Want a Bigger House

You’re ready to become a mother if your apartment suddenly appears squeezed. If you ever had a thought that your bedroom is too small to put a cradle there, it’s time to think about a larger family home.


Your Partner Is Ready

One of the most important things is to have a mutually desired baby. A child is a commitment for both of you, so you need to be sure you’re on the same page about it. Take the time to discuss it with your second half and find out their thoughts on the issue.


You’re Financially Independent

Let’s face the truth: children are expensive! Food, tuition, clothing, and many more things demand significant investments. You need money to become a mother, so if you feel financially secure and confident in your tomorrow, that’s a big step forward.

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Kids Love You

When the urge to become a mother overcomes you, you compensate by taking care of the kids around you. Don’t be surprised when your nephews and nieces call you their favorite aunt. They feel your warmth that you radiate when kids are around.


Babies Are Everywhere

Suddenly, you start to notice that you see babies everywhere – on the streets, in parks and stores. You hear cute toddlers laugh everywhere, and it seems to you that every woman around is a mother – except you!


You Bombard Your Parenting Friends with Questions

Though you might ask before about their delivery experience, questions to the parents in your circle become deeper. You may ask how much sleep does a baby usually need, how to feed them, entertain them, and where to buy that adorable bib!


Late Periods Aren’t Scary Anymore

The ultimate test to be ready to become a mother is your reaction to late periods. If pictures of positive pregnancy tests excite you instead of scaring, you’re set to become a mother.


The Internet Thinks It’s a Great Idea

Social media knows you hope to become a mother. Otherwise, what else would explain the breast pump and stroller ads on your Facebook newsfeed? Your Google history also affirms your wishes, if you stop at the posts like “how to become a good mother and wife” more and more often.


You have Handled Pets Successfully

Many people consider their pets as their younger children. Of course, that’s a different experience, but if you can take care of an innocent living being that depends on you, if you have this love and warmth in your heart, then you can think of something more!

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You Can Handle Sleep Deprivation

You may be learning to become a mother if minimal sleep doesn’t affect your productivity. Waking up at night to check on your baby is a hard challenge, especially if you’re a sleepyhead. But that’s an inevitable part, so if this doesn’t scare you off, that’s a good sign!


You Take Care of Your Mental Health

You won’t meet your child’s emotional needs if you can’t meet your own. There is nothing bad about consulting with a professional about the things that concern you. That can also help you to clarify if you really want to have kids right now.


You’re Not Easily Disgusted

Babies create a mess; they are often sick with all its “consequences”. Yes, that’s what you’re thinking of now. But that’s life, and if first of all it increases your concern for someone’s well-being rather than disgusts you, you’re set to become a mother.


You have Built Your Career

Although motherhood doesn’t bar you from advancing your work, being stable before parenthood gives you a career head start. The same applies to education. You want to get a degree before your kids divert your attention from books.

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You are Ready to Be a Teacher

If you feel that you have enough life experience and knowledge to share them with someone else, if you really want it, then it’s a sign! You will have to teach a new being literally everything – from walking and talking to driving and paying taxes. Sounds exciting to you? Here we go!


You Imagine the Experience

The time is right if you have pictured your baby’s appearance or thought about how you’ll raise them. Do you know already what musical instrument they will play and which college they attend?


You’re Comfortable Indoors

Because kids need you throughout, abandoning late-night escapades is one of the tips to become a good mother. If you start to feel more comfortable staying at home with a book or movie after being a “party animal” – you’re ready for “nesting”!


What if You’re Too Busy? 

With the numerous dating sites, being busy shouldn’t stop you from finding love or kill your desire to become a mother. If you forget to check dating apps because of your tight schedule, try matchmaking services or speed dating parties. Listen to yourself and follow your wishes! Have you experienced some of the “symptoms” mentioned above? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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  1. The best one is…. You are not easily disgusted. HAHAHA kids are so gross. As a mom of 3, so so so true.

    1. Yessss….. they seriously are!! Like if you mind getting puked on then you need to work through that lol

  2. Soooo true! I can tell right now I’m not ready for another one yet but these are perfect signs that you are!

  3. “You Can Handle Sleep Deprivation” Yes! So much of this one. And it doesn’t end when your baby begins sleeping through the night. You’ll have times when your child is sick. Then, it begins all over again when they hit the teen years. Power naps are your new best friend LOL.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with these signs. I always had my names picked out and I dreamed of one day starting a family.

  5. In our country, having a baby is considered as a the best blessing. Glad to hear that people in different parts of world go through the same excitment and joy when it comes to becoming parents. These symbols are awesome.

  6. These are all definitely good signs you are ready for parenthood! I am in my 40’s and I know a lot of people that aren’t able to check most of these things off the list.

  7. Both partners who are committed and ready are the most important because it’s not easy to raise a child. A lot of adjustments but it’s definitely worth it!

  8. i love this list and agree with everything.. and the things that stood out – you start seeing babies everywhere and late periods not being scary anymore 🙂 it happened with both of my kiddos before i got pregnant with them

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