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Top 5 Parenting Problems & Solutions You Need to Know

Well, let’s accept it! parenting problems is not always smiling moments and going ‘aww’. Parenting is a beautiful and enjoyable experience, but like any other life experience, this has its ups and downs as well. An important part of parenting is expecting problems from your children and knowing how to handle it.

You will ace the latter part with experience. However, I will give you a heads up on what are the common problems that parents face with their children and how to handle it. Trust me; sometimes, it is the common problems that get on our nerves and leave us in a pickle.

5 parenting problems and solutions: An important part of parenting is expecting problems from your children and knowing how to handle it.

Top 5 parenting problems and solutions

Here are the top 5 parenting problems that parents face with children and solutions for them. The solution can be different or may not go with your parenting style. The parenting style I follow is majorly permissive and indulgent, and the solutions also pertain to it. I believe that parents should make children understand instead of blatantly saying no or don’t. If you try doing this from a young age, then there is a better relationship where the children understand your pain or your perspectives and act accordingly.

I have been watching the series ‘This Is Us’ and I must say I am totally inspired by the parenting roles. To just put it in a line, give your children the benefit of the doubt, talk to them as much as you can and be there for them.

You may wonder if it is necessary to talk or explain toddlers and babies. It absolutely is. Children observe a lot of behavior and inculcate it. They grasp the words and actions. You are their major influencers, especially until they go to school. With that being said, let’s talk about the top 5 problems and solutions.


1. Children who do not obey:

No wonder this tops the list! It is not uncommon for your baby to disobey you or say no to what you are asking them to do. Try understanding why they are disobeying and what they want. If what they want is something that you can provide, go for it. If what they want is bad or not possible, tell them a mild scary story about what will happen if they refrain from doing it. Haha!

It works with my kids because they love chips, and I can’t give it all the time. So whipped up a scary story, and now it is under control. Do not give in every time your child disobeys. It sets the wrong precedence for them. We all have different patience levels, so all I am going to say is try to be patient and calm when your child disobeys. You can show your anger sometimes to make them understand this is not right.

2. Sibling rivalry

This is something that is unavoidable. How much ever you expect, they will come up with new fights and pranks and amaze you, or must I say annoy you? You can make them involved in some activities where they get to appreciate each other. You can tell them stories that will influence their thoughts and behavior.

Teach them the importance of family and being kind. Have some ground rules set and tell them what the punishment is if they don’t follow it. Never scold one child more than the other, and don’t try to judge who made a mistake. When you give them equal punishment, the chances of it repeating is low. To clarify, when I say punishment, I mean no candies or cookies or playdates.

sibling rivalry

3. Some cute and white lies

I am generally aware of when my children lie to my husband. My husband is pretty strict, and I realized they lie because they are scared of the consequences of telling it to their parents. This shouldn’t be the case, so I ensured my husband eases up a bit and plays with the babies more. Sometimes they just lie, and there’s no background. So don’t scold them for it and make them understand lying is of no use and tell them the negative effects of lying.


4. Poor eating habits

This is a tricky one. As mentioned earlier, my children love chips. I will never be able to answer why unhealthy food is so tasty. However, it is important for children to eat healthy food to develop their immunity and support brain development. Try a healthy eating meal plan that your child likes. When you involve them in cooking, they would want to eat.

You can go a notch up by involving them in some organic terrace gardening. This could be a sibling activity too. Make them responsible for a specific plant and let them grow and nurture it. This makes them accountable, and also, they will know the hard work that goes into producing fruits and vegetables and not waste it. Studies show that organic food is more nutritious and tasty than conventionally grown. When it is delicious, your children may find it hard to say no.

5. Addiction to gadgets

With a pandemic going on and everything shifting online, the screen time is exponentially increasing. This may also lead children to get addicted to devices, become lazy, and spend less time with other children or family. Again, have some ground rules on how many hours of screen time is allowed and ensure to indulge them in activities that are fun and are in line with their interest.

Make them play with kids of their age, even if they are shy. You can also expose them to new hobbies and see how it works out. When you introduce them to one, they will know what their real interests are.


teaching your children the right thing, parenting

Imagine adults with these problems. How difficult will their life be? Parents have the responsibility to shape their life to be excellent and independent adults.

These solutions that I gave have a good long-term effect. I would suggest you go with these kinds of solutions rather than a quick-fix or momentary solution.

Let me know if this blog helped you anyway!

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