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10 Unexpected Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Take your relationship to a whole new level with these unique date ideas!

You’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company. But you’ve probably been too busy to go out and have exclusive romantic moments. Well, why wait for Valentine’s Day if you can be vocal about your feelings on any other day?

These unique date ideas will impress your lover and can be used anytime you want. What’s more, you don’t need to have a six-digit sum in your account to afford these amazing date ideas.Ready?

Do you need some date ideas for Valentine's Day? Do you want to impress your better half and make them feel special? Read on!

10 Fun Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ideally, this day should be dedicated to understanding your partner in ways you typically wouldn’t do with your busy schedules. Spend the time talking or doing an activity that brings both of you joy and excitement. These affordable date ideas for Valentine’s Day will work for an indoor person and an avid adventurer.


  • Connect With Nature

outdoor ideas for dates

Some people live for those thrilling adventures, and your partner may be one of them

Sports and engaging in various activities are considered a very romantic way of spending the date on Valentine’s Day. Hookup sites have come up with different recommendations on how to make this day unforgettable: hiking, mountain/rock climbing, and even biking. Research bike trails near you and choose an ideal route that’ll make both of you break a sweat.


  • Get out of Your Town

City dwellers have a limited number of places to escape from the noise, dirt, and stress of their locality. Taking a one-day tour upcountry will do you a lot of good and give you some time to discuss delicate things. 


  • Home Alone Date Ideas!

Spice things up by engaging in a fun activity. You can go for something like a three-course meal or cook pasta and play around with the dough. If you are into cooking, ensure your partner also has some interest in it, or else it will only drain their energy.By the way, consider serving the dish on one plate for a more romantic atmosphere.

valentine's day dates


  • Alternative Date Ideas for Foodies

We all love food, and it has been an icebreaker for gatherings with families or friends. Food can bring people together or separate them. A fancy eat-out date idea would be to organize a progressive dinner.

valentine's day date

It doesn’t have to be ‘close’ for it to be intimate!

Wait, what?

You heard that right. This is how it works: start by identifying a couple of places, including restaurants, bars, and so on. Pick out a different location for each meal, including drinks and dessert. This opens you up to diversity as both of you get the best of all worlds. Ultimately, you may find a favorite spot with the best services.


  • Learn and Grow

The perfect Valentine’s Day date doesn’t mean there should be just the two of you.You can have shared activities with other people and make this an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Attend a painting or a wine class together and get the extra benefit of taking your masterpiece home. The beauty of creating something together is that you will always have a keepsake that reminds you of these rare moments.


  • Picnic

Head out to the supermarket, and let each of you choose the most awkward food you think your partner would like. If the budget allows it, buy some weird clothes that your lover wouldn’t ever purchase for themselves. The one who wins at looking the most extraordinary gets to choose the picnic location.


  • Chill Date Ideas for the Indoors Type

We are all different. The couples who have fewer things in common get to have longer relationships, which can be justified by the law of attraction – opposites attract. If your partner isn’t the outdoor type, you will have to come up with some creative date ideas for the stay-at-home couple. Organize a game date night for Valentine’s Day, including Jenga, puzzles, cards, chess, or video games. Set up rules, rewards, and penalties for the winner and loser.

Candle-lit rooftop dinners will never get boring. If you can do it, nothing beats the possibility often joying the view of the night sky. Play your favorite music in the background, and don’t forget about a blanket in case it gets too cold.


  • Date Ideas for Nature Lovers

valentine's day date

Nothing does it like a starry night!

Are you one of those people whose heart starts to race faster out of excitement when you feel the breeze of fresh air? Do you live for those moments when you can unwind in the forest or climb a mountain?

Well, you are not alone. Let your lover in on these precious moments using some unexpected date ideas, such as an early morning drive into the open to get a perfect view of the rising sun and birds waking up to a new day. Similarly, you can visit a botanical garden or animal shelter and connect with nature.


  • Recreating Memories

Depending on the amount of time you’ve both been together, there are certain things you know about your lover. Take this special day as a time to relive your memories. It can be something as simple as creating a picture book together that sums up all the places you’ve visited, moments you’ve shared, and things close to you. This can also include the plans for the future. It makes more sense if both of you take part in this creative Valentine’s Day date idea.


  • Extra Outdoors Date Ideas for All-Time

We all love horses, but have you thought of a horse ride for couples? Other outdoor activities include karaoke, snowballing, ice skating, wine tasting, or buying tickets to your favorite game.


Wrapping Things up!

We all want to feel special and be treated like we are the only ones ever to live and exist. But taking one day in the whole year to do this will not bring that satisfaction in the long run. If you value that relationship, take your time to study your partner and learn their likes and dislikes. Surprise them each time you meet with something that shows how much you care about them. Sending them flowers for their birthday is not enough – be present and get to live in the moment (even if it means spending quiet moments in the bookshop together), and you will both be much happier.


Which of these 10 do you plan to try out?



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