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7 Fun and Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Every year we struggle on what to get women for Valentine’s Day. There are so many things, but after Christmas, our creativity may be lacking. Flowers, candy and jewelry usually are the “go-to” Valentine’s Day gifts for her. But What can we get that can be fun and practical? Because if we can be honest here, advice from a woman, WE DON’T WANT CANDY! Well, we do. But really, it’s February and our beach bodies are in disarray right now. And a box of candy when it’s snowing and cold outside, really doesn’t help. So let’s talk about fun and practical gifts for you to get her. Here are a few fun and practical Valentine’s Day gifts for her that shows you rocked Valentine’s Day.

Every year we struggle what to get women for Valentine's Day. Here's a few fun and practical Valentine's Day gifts for her that shows you rocked it.


New Watch

Another great gift that is almost the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day are watches. Make sure to pay close attention to the colors, details and look of their watches to try and find one that they would like! Luckily, NordGreen has quite a selection of watches and they are all beauties! Check out their Women’s Best Sellers and pick the one that your lovely lady would love. Remember, a watch is something that they will be wearing everyday and most people usually keep the same watch for between 1-5 years.


Nordgreen watches for Valentines's day

New sheets

Candy? No way – new sheets? Yes please! Everyone loves new sheets. Who wouldn’t love the idea of getting into your bed with brand new, clean sheets? What is better is the thread count. California Design Den has a great selection of affordable sheets. Plus their thread count is 400-500, which makes for extremely soft sheets. They have a ton of sizes and styles. Depending on the style you purchase, there are pillow covers, sheets, fitted sheet, and duvet cover. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for her because they’re soft and the perfect color can be chosen. What would be even better, once receiving the sheets, put them on the bed for her!




Whitening Kit

Another great gift for Valentine’s Day! She will love this whitening kit too. The Luster Premium White Pro is quick and easy to use. It can be purchased online or even easier, at Walmart! Plus there is a $5 coupon you can use when purchasing at Walmart. It is clinically proven to whiten teeth and it can go 6 shades in 30 minutes. That is seriously amazing. Instead of having to make an appointment at the dentist and spend tons of money, you can white at home. What a great self-care gift for busy moms.



Hair extensions

Like we mentioned in the title, fun and practical. Instead of buying another piece of jewelry, get something fun that your loved one will enjoy. Hair extensions are a great way to mix fun and practical, especially hair extensions that tape in. Out of all extensions for your hair, tape-in extensions are the healthiest for your hair, along with the easiest to install. Amazing Beauty Hair is the perfect site to purchase extensions. They aren’t too expensive and give a variety of selections of hair colors that you can choose from. My favorite color is the chestnut brown with highlights. You are able to choose between 14 inches and 22 inches, depending on how long you want.  What a fun Valentine’s Day gift for her! amazing beauty hair extensions


Panini Press with Alpha Burritos

Are you a family that love making sandwiches? If so, this is a practical gift for her for Valentine’s Day. A panini press is an exquisite gift for her because it helps warm up sandwiches and burritos. Did you know that Alpha Burritos are healthy for you? Why not pick up some of them for her too? By using a panini press, these burritos and sandwiches can be easily heated up without having to start the oven, or grill anything. It always beats using a microwave and on top of it all, it tastes amazing.

Alpha Foods burrito can be purchased at Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Wegens, Fairway Market, Sprout, Fred Meyer, Albertsons and more. These burritos are 100% plant based, protein-packed and super convenient to make for the family. They are clean-label foods, so they work well with many diets. High in protein, cholesterol free, and non-GMO, what more can you ask for? Burritos are sold in the following flavors: Mexicali, Fajita Chick’n, Philly Sandwich, and Pizza.

What’s even better about these burritos are they are plant-based meals and if your diet for the new year is reducing meat and dairy consumption, this is perfect for you.


Grosche Teapot

The new fad this year is drinking tea. Have you ever tried drinking tea from your own infuser glass teapot? Well, it is worth trying. It is indeed a great gift for women to start drinking more tea too. Being able to diffuse your own tea gives you so many more options for drinking tea. Meaning, you can now purchase loose tea and drink without worrying about buying tea bags or having the tea bags drip, etc. This MUNICH Glass Teapot is a great option for a Valentine’s Day gift. This teapot is even extremely to use at work for the working mom that drinks tea.



Melbourne Bamboo French Press at


Erin Condren Planner

I have used Erin Condren planners for the past three years as a teacher and a mom and it has literally saved me! It does tend to get heavy since it is hardcover, but I can hold a ton of information there. I have yet to forget something because I staple my lesson plans into the book.

Then I write down everything I need daily on the monthly calendar. It has worked great for me and I definitely plan to get this one again for the upcoming school year. It also has so many pockets and folders built into it that you are able to keep everything together. The pages are thick so they don’t rip when you erase and rewrite. Every mom needs this as a gift, no matter the time of the year!


Check out this amazing gift guide for every relationship stage! We gave you a ton of gift choices and if all else fails, then there are always tons of red wine gifts to have to give to your significant other.

Valentine’s Day Gift and Date Ideas For Every Relationship Stage [Infographic]


This post contains sponsored information and affiliate links.  I received Alpha Burritos for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided. Please visit the disclaimer page for more information



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