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5 Reasons Why Technology is Important at Home Right Now

Technology has always played an important role in our lives, but now more than ever it is a reliant factor in our lives is so many ways. More than half of our country is working from home and having to rely on technology to run their businesses. We are going to see this change even more rapidly in the next couple of months and years where businesses will be switching to work at home styles. Now that we know how to work from home, why shouldn’t we continue? With that being said, technology at home is more important than ever right now! In our article we will go over why it is important for you to have technology at home and the benefits from it.


Are you working from home and distance learning with your kids? Technology needs to be a staple in your home and here is why!

Online distance learning

First and foremost, with schools being closed across the world, teachers and families have had to do a complete switch to online distance learning. We have had to compromise from tradition learning styles with strictly online. Families that have had reliable technology at home have had an easier time with this transition. Whereas families without reliable internet and technology at home, have had a harder time. Our children are learning at a completely different level these days and we are working hard to find technology to meet the standards that our school districts are asking of us.

With uncertainty in the near future, we have no idea if schools will open up in the fall in full capacity, so having technology at home setup, is critical. With missing so much school this school year, it is going to be important that families help with education and technology at home. It is good to assume that school as normal will be changing in the near future and having technology at home is going to start to be a new normal in our lives as we know it!

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Staying connected to family

Another important reason to have technology at home is to stay connected with family members. No matter where they live, families are using their cell phones to replace in-person contact. Whether it be FaceTime, Google Duo, Skype, Zoom or Google Meet, they have been able to connect with family members down the street or across the world. With the way we gather changing drastically, there might be a Zoom family game night or a Facebook Live birthday party! These are all new “norms” that we are experiencing with this stay-at-home order.

By having technology at home, it can help you stay in touch with loved ones no matter where they are. if you have young children, it is really hard to not see their friends or grandparents. Verizon has some really great plans for families that now is the perfect time to get involved in. Knowing that families are struggling during these times, Verizon is helping to give more to those who give the most! Make sure to check their pricing plans and devices that you can jump in on here.

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Working from home

Working from home has become the new norm for pretty much everyone minus essential workers. Many companies have been able to switch to working from home because of technology like Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and this has completely changed the way of work in 2020.

If you have a computer or iPad with WiFi at home, then the chances are that you can work from home. Companies have now been able to see the ability for many to work at home during this pandemic, so what is to stop them from continuing this work? In the next couple of years, we are going to see a drastic change in the workforce from having large offices to more remote work. By having technology at home, you will be more marketable.

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Staying active

Not only is technology great for staying in touch, working from home and distance learning, but it is also a great way to stay active. As ironic as that sounds, technology has been the core way that people have stayed active by connecting with the gyms or fitness instructors virtually! My barre classes have gone virtual and we have been able to connect to online fitness classes through their website. Gyms are closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep working out and staying fit! Having this opportunity can help people stay active even when staying at home.

Ordering online

Finally, ordering online has a whole new meaning! Before it was looking out for our Prime orders but now we can order many other things online. By using technology at home, you might not even have to leave your house to go shopping. Many local businesses have turned to online shopping to help stay afloat. Other businesses like restaurants have been using companies like GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats to have food delivered to customers.

Not sure if you want to go to the grocery store? Not a problem – you can order it using Instacart, or a grocery delivery or pickup option from your local grocery store! Al of this can be done right from your home online or on your phone. Technology has allowed us to continue life as “normal” as we possibly can during a time of uncertainty.



In the end, technology is going to be our future if you haven’t jumped on board already. Unfortunately, our way of life is going to change but it doesn’t have to be for the worst! Research your options and find out what works best for you in the location that you are in. Many companies like Verizon are accommodating families and helping them become versed with technology in their home. Start now preparing your family for the future of technology!


Are you working from home and distance learning with your kids? Technology needs to be a staple in your home and here is why!

This post is in partnership with Verizon Wireless however, all opinions are my own. #GivingMore #Brandpartner #Verizon

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  1. Technology is insanely important at home right now! I wish there was some sort of program to ensure that everyone had access to tech at home! It’s a big deal, especially for children who are still trying to learn during quarantine!

    1. I totally agree !!! Verizon and Comcast have been working really hard over in the PNW to help families !

  2. So true! Almost every work is being done with the help of technology. Thankfully technology is coming handy during these testing times

  3. I completely agree with your thoughts. Life is easier with technology. Thanks for sharing this helpful info…

  4. Being able to connect with loved ones online has been a blessing. More so as I am able to communicate with my grandmother as she is battling her sickness.

  5. This is so true. Technology has been our saving grace since the lockdown started. From school, to connecting with others, and yes – even working out and definitely online shopping…. I don’t know how I would’ve survived this without online access.

  6. I was just talking about this with someone the other day. Imagine! What would we do?

    1. No idea— i wouldnt be able to work from home or help my child with any of her school work or see anyone !

  7. During the time of lock-down all over the world, technology played a very important role whether its “working from home” or “talking to your friend”. The main thing is we are fully dependent on technology.

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