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Best Wellness Destinations in 2019: 12 Month Guide

2019 is here and it’s a perfect time to plan where to travel and unwind. However, people often find one season better than the other to travel so we created a 12-month guide for the best wellness destinations in 2019. This will surely help you pick a perfect spot to relax and forget to the busy schedules and chaotic lives at least for a little while.


  • January: Delightful wellness in Bali


Bali wellness

The Island of Bali is world famous for its spirituality and tranquility. It offers visitors a rich cultural heritage and breathtaking nature. Radiantly Alive and Yoga Barn are the biggest studios on the island which offer individual and group yoga lesson. However, hiking the rice paddies or visiting one of the many Hindu and Buddhist temples is a fulfilling experience. Make sure to visit Tanah Lot and Vihara Buddha Banjar.


  • February: Enjoy yoga at its source in India


India yoga wellness

India is the home of yoga. Moreover, this is the place where you will learn to meditate and respect even the smallest things in life. First comers should start with Goa. Goa offers more than 100 yoga studios like Bamboo Yoga which are welcoming to disbelievers and proficient practitioners. This is the country with rich cuisine, numerous temples and colorful cultural experience. India will surely help you discover yourself and find peace.


  • March: The golden beaches of Costa Rica



Costa Rica with its golden beaches, sparkling clear waters, and a number of retreats offers an amazing wellness destination. It’s a perfect destination to overcome seasonal transition from winter to spring. Naturally heated Rio Perdido Thermal River near Arena Volcano is a perfect place to start the wellness experience. There you can enjoy mineral-rich mud and all its benefits. Costa Rica is also famous as the sea turtles nesting site. There is nothing better than amazing wildlife to warm up your soul.

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  • April: Perfect tranquility of Switzerland


Swiss wellness

Just in time to observe the spring in bloom, April is the perfect time to visit Switzerland. One of the many retreats in the Swiss Alps will provide you with detoxifying wellness experience. If you are lucky, you can find the best ice bridge while traveling here too! Also, it will cleanse your lungs from city air ranging from oriental hammam to thalassotherapy. This country is full of healing thermal baths and spas that attract visitors from all over the world.


  • May: Meet the calmness of Ibiza


happy place

Ibiza is famous for parties and music events. However, the other side of this Spanish destination is a more relaxed and tranquil experience. Adventure Yogi is a perfect spot for those who want to get to acquainted with yoga. Being a gorgeous Mediterranean island has its perks. That’s why Ibiza is focused on outdoor experiences and healthy meals.


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  • June: Welcome Caribbean charm in Belize



The Caribbean has always attracted attention as being the best destinations to loosen up and recharge. So, fittingly, Belize is a perfect place to get spiritually woken up and shine. Ak’bol Maya Yoga Retreat on the Ambergris Caye island is dedicated to Mayan tradition with a studio right above the sea. Marine life here is diverse. Diving at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is also another way to get to know Belize.


  • July: Say hello to Zen side of Japan



Japan is perceived as many as the best destination to balance your lifestyle with healthy habits and tranquil thoughts. One of the most famous wellness programs is on Kyushu Island. It includes hikes through the forests, learning the tea ceremony, arranging of ikebana and baths in the hot springs. Japan is also full of temples dedicated to the Shinto religion. Visiting one is always part of the wellness seminars here.

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  • August: Experience gentle L’Amore of Italy



While Italy is famous for its food and warmth, you will meet another side of this country in Sardinia. Yoga seminars at Balaiana Eco Retreat Center will help you balance your inner self. On the other hand, beaches like S’arena Scoada are perfect to catch some sun. Besides yoga and meditation, Hatha Kriya and Pranayama wellness retreat also offer brisk walks and lessons in nature.  


  • September: Grassy mountain slopes of Colorado



Colorado in the USA is amazing in winter, but at the beginning of fall, it is truly a fairyland. Joyful Journey Hot Spring and Spa in the Rocky Mountains is all about a healthy lifestyle and organic food. For those who seek activities in nature and various meditation programs, Shambhala Mountain Center at Red Feather Lakes is a perfect wellness destination.


  • October: Rediscover yourself in Greece


coast of Greece

If you want to meet a different side of Greece, travel here when the summer is over and visit Euphoria Retreat. It offers from fitness and yoga classes, healthy meals to stimulating spa treatments. On the other hand, some of the seaside towns like Potos on Thassos are tranquil at this time of year. With fresh cuisine and perfect weather for walking you can enjoy the spa at the local resort.

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  • November: A Soul-Searching Walk in Australia



There are so many things a person can experience in Australia. However, in recent years people have been coming here for its numerous walking tracks. Great Ocean Walk in Victoria is one of the most famous trails. It offers three days of perfect soul-searching experience over Australian landscapes. Hamilton Island, Tasmania, and Byron Bay are some of the best wellness destinations in Australia. There you can find all sorts of yoga lessons and accommodations from modest to extremely luxurious ones.  


  • December: Emerald waters of Thailand



Thailand is the best wellness destination in 2019 to finish the year and revive yourself for the upcoming holiday season. The Island of Phuket is perfect to have a meditation experience at one of its many yoga retreats like Amanpuri. If you are looking for a more traditional approach to yoga then The Barai Spa will take you on the journey to balance your chakras and renew your energy.


In the end

The best wellness destinations in 2019 bring great promises of achieving balance and inner-peace in this 12-month guide. Therefore, choose a month and embark on a journey to rediscover yourself and recharge your batteries.


This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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