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5 Helpful Tips For Breastfeeding New Moms

Several mothers around the world have been using breast pumps since a long time. Although women in India started using it much later, its popularity has increased significantly in the past few years. Indian women have realized the benefits of using the pump to feed the baby and help the young get the required nutrition. Just like using any other device for the first time, learning to use the breast pump would take some time and training. However, once you get the hang of it would be totally worth the time and the effort.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed knowing that you are not able to express as much as you would have expected in the first few days. However, the key is to remain patient and continue using it until your body will get used to the pump and soon you would notice an increase in the quality of milk pumped. If you have prior experience using electric breast pump in India, the following tips will greatly help you use the pump effectively.


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Use a high quality pump

One of the most important things to know about using a breast pump is to always opt for a high quality double electric pump. Make sure that you buy a pump that has a long lasting battery and a powerful motor so that you can express maximum quantity of milk. Some of the high quality pumps have special suction and speed patterns, which exactly imitate the sucking of a baby to stimulate the process of milk extraction; you can adjust the speed and the suction to suit you need and comfort.


Pump milk from both breasts simultaneously

A lot of mothers complain that whilst they are using a pumping on one breast, milk leaks out from the other, which is wastage of milk. To avoid this it is advisable that you use a double pump and express milk from both breasts at the same time. This would not only help you stimulate the milk-making hormone but also allow you to pump more milk at once than you would do otherwise by pumping one breast at a time.


Always maintain hygiene

Remember, you are dealing with your baby food, the food that is rich in nutrition and is important for your child’s healthy growth. Make sure that you maintain proper hygiene and wash your hands thorough before and after using the pump and don’t forget to clean the pump, the tube and the milk container. It is advisable you sanitise the parts at least once in a day. Also, be sure to allow the parts to dry completely before the next use.


Sit in a comfortable position while using the pumps

Several doctors and recommend women to sit in a comfortable position while using the breast pumps to express milk. If you find the process difficult, you can lean forward so as to allow the milk to flow easily in the container. Also, you can try using a pumping pillow while using the pumps, try sitting in a different position and stick to the one that you feel the most comfortable with.


Keep the sight or the smell of the baby close

If you find it hard to express milk when you are away from your baby, it is advisable that you keep a picture of the baby with the pump or use a blanket or any other item that you baby uses while pumping. The smell and the sight of the baby will help in triggering the hormones responsible for milk letdown and you would get the most out of using electric breast pump in India.


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