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51 Easy Ways to Be a Fun Mom

Being a mom surely is a big responsibility and often it becomes quite challenging. But, it’s actually more fun than you could think. Your sense of responsibility and postpartum depression might have got the best out of you. But.. You can always train your mind and become the Fun Mom again. Let’s find out little ways to enjoy motherhood and childhood altogether.

Being a mom is a big responsibility & often it becomes quite challenging. But how can you be as cool as dad? Here's 51 ways to be a fun mom!


Tricks and Tips to Become a Fun Mom

  1. Pay attention to whatever you children have got to say to you. After your busy day you might feel tired, but talking to your little fellow about random things can actually be therapeutic.
  2. Ask for their opinion on every little thing. You never know, they might surprise you with genius ideas that you never thought of.

Actually, you can call it a long term investment too, because when you make them feel that their opinion matters, they count on your opinions too.


    1. Offer them physical and mental fun activities. Some examples are racing, swimming, playing Ludo or chess.
    2. Let them play alone and DO NOT feel guilty about it. It is actually good for them to become independent and more understanding.
    3. Ask them to join in activities that you like. Vice versa you also engage with them in their preferable pastimes. Remember, you and your mental health is as much important as theirs.
    4. Spoil them sometimes with surprises and gifts. If you have two or more kids, then do that in turns. And teach others to appreciate, not complain as their turn will come too.
    5. Sometimes become your child’s partner in crime. I mean, not serious crimes. Haha. Offer them to bunk a day at school and go to the movies. This way they will love attending school without feeling the pressure.
    6. Buy them video games but don’t let them get addicted to it. And exactly what you can do to stop them being addicted?— Don’t tell them to stop. NOPE! Rather offer them other fun things (or productive things) to distract them from it without a rage.
    7. Arrange little contests every now and then. Say for example- ask them to compete in a task and don’t forget to reward them for it afterwards. Otherwise, they will lose the motivation.
    8. Go swimming together. Find a great location to get your swim on!
    9. Ask them to run errands with you. It will help your children to become responsible when they grow up. However do not forget to buy them their favorite chocolates or ice-cream sometimes.
    10. Take them on bike rides. Having a location that you can go together is key.
    11. Tell them jokes. Have a joke telling competition!
    12. Sometimes tell them how your day was and what you did at work. They will feel important and hopefully you will feel relaxed too.
    13. Read them books appropriate for their ages. Make this a habit.
    14. Engage your children in charitable activities. Donations, volunteering, you name it!
    15. Get them pets. Trust me it will help a lot to make them kind and responsible. In a bonus, you don’t have to worry about them being alone at home.
    16. Sometimes let them make a mess. In fact join with them, so that they also join you while cleaning. That’s how a fun mom does serious things.
    17. Play their favorite video games with them. Not sure how to connect? This is the perfect way, get into their world.
    18. Give them little challenges. Find out who can do it faster, better or neater.
    19. Play ‘Would You Rather’…..  Ask them about things they have interests in.
    20. Encourage your children to play with children from other races and colors. It will help to build your child’s cultural awareness.
    21. Build a habit of eating together. Get the whole family together and eat together daily.
    22. Include them in important family decisions. Even if it is in a simple way without making them anxious.
    23. Paint with your children. There are so many different ways to get painting involved.
    24. Take them to kids-friendly fitness classes or to a kid’s gym. This will build their habit and love for workout and keeping fit.
    25. Be a kid yourself. With your kids sometimes and do stupid things to make them laugh.
    26. Read a kid’s magazine. You can read it to them or make them read it to you.
    27. Arrange a karaoke night every week. Don’t forget to make your contribution and ask for a rating.
    28. Cook together. You can do this with your kids and let them cook easy meals.
    29. Go on trips together. Maybe go on a weekend vacation or do a week vacation.
    30. Make a weekly habit of totally electronic device free day. Don’t forget to make that day exciting so that your kids learn that it’s possible to have fun even without electronic devices.
    31. Encourage them to make story-telling arts and try to observe their arts carefully. Sometimes kids, especially introverted kids express what they feel inside through arts better than they can do in words.
    32. Communicate with them. Tell them stories and watch movies with a message of “family comes first!” it will build a stronger family bonding.
    33. Distribute little household tasks. Give out chores among your kids to help them grow responsible and cut off a little bit of your pressure.
    34. Engage in family activities. For example you can make a shared journal, or, wall painting and things like that.
    35. Take them to play at the park with other children. It boosts their communication skills.
    36. Make and fly a kite together. Pick a windy day and go outside.
    37. Play superhero. Kids just love this.
    38. Arrange an obstacle course. Make this in your backward and let your kids compete.
    39. Share your bad days. This helps your children know that you have bad days too and let them cheer you up sometimes.
    40. Learn the individual talent of each child.  Try to encourage them individually.
    41. Play curtain-fort with your kids. Designate an area in your home where you are going to put together a fort.
    42. Have a cuddle time for your children. But try to understand exactly how they like and dislike to be cuddled.
    43. Take them to amusement parks. Don’t just watch, do it all with them. Let yourself enjoy childhood through your children every once in a while.
    44. Arrange a weekly spa night. Either go to a spa or create your own at home!
    45. Stay awake all night. On special occasions, let them stay awake all-night long for a nice BBQ party or to simply enjoy the moonlit night.
    46. Play water balloon fights. Get a water balloon kit and get ready!
    47. Learn their little fears. Help them out of it in an interesting way.
    48. Get them piggy banks. Encourage them to save money and challenge them to buy little things with their own money. It will boost their self-confidence.
    49. Lots of Dos have been told but there’s one DON’TNever take out your frustration on your children, no matter what.

how to be a fun mom


Your childhood is long gone. But through your kids, you got to relive your childhood once again. So, don’t miss out any opportunity to make fun and be one with your children.

Being a mom is a big responsibility & often it becomes quite challenging. But how can you be as cool as dad? Here's 51 ways to be a fun mom!


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Sujana Wilson is a dynamic mother, always on the lookout for fun activities with her precious daughter and fun-loving techie husband. She is keen to share everything that she has learned on her site smilyparents.com

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  1. Sharing the bad days was one I had to learn the hard way. I tried to protect them and realized it was just hurting me and not protecting them at all.

  2. I love how you have so many choices to choose from so that mom’s can pick do-able ways that will work for them to become a more fun mama!

  3. I love cooking with my kids. They now each have to do at least 1 night per week. They even get to choose the meal that they are helping me cook.

  4. There are so many great ideas and I would love to do all of these with my kids. Thank you for sharing!

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