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How You Can Easily Get The Ideal Hourglass Figure

We all wish to have a small waist, curvy hips and a big butt, but genetics come in the way. Many pop pills or go through insanely expensive surgeries just to get that perfect Beyoncé body but at what cost? If you wish to have the Scarlet Johansson proportions then I’ve got four ways for you to get in your ideal hourglass figure;

We all want a small waist, curvy hips and a big butt. If you wish to have Scarlet Johansson proportions then here's how to get the ideal hourglass figure.



As much as we hate that word, it actually works wonders for not just our body but also our skin. To sustain the diet for a long time, make sure you start with making small changes, which include cutting down on sugar and carbs.

To get that hourglass body, you’d have to stick with a proper diet with no sugar, no processed foods (needless to say!) and tons of fruits and vegetables. With that, a high protein diet will give your body that lean muscle look which we all die for!

Moreover, with cutting down on certain food items, you would have to stock up on other food items. Fiber is your friend.  Increase the intake of fiber, definitely not all at once as that would upset your stomach. Fiber will keep you fuller and limit the chances of bloating. With fiber, you must drink a lot of water. As clichéd as it sounds, water cures everything! You must intake about 10-12 glasses of water to meet the desired threshold and see its magic!



Dress for it!

Your outfits can make or break your shape. Make sure you know what shape your body is in and dress accordingly. If you’re heavier on your midsection, your waist, you can wear a waist trainer underneath your dress to give your waist the curve it might be missing. With that, never underestimate the power of a good bra. Get yourself fitted and get the bra which accentuates your shape further.




Working out and looking good while working out may motivate you to go to the gym every day! People have a proper gym wardrobe which they look good in. No one wears old worn out clothes to the gym anymore.

This is the most important way to help you achieve the body of your dreams. For an hourglass body, your waist must be ten times less than your bust and your hips exactly like an hourglass. For that, you would have to focus on augmenting the size of your chest and hips, while cinching that waist.


Let’s talk about the exercises which will help you get a tiny waist.  The few exercises which will cinch your waist are:





Planks are the most vicious exercise positions there are but they work like a dream! To lose inches off the waist, you must turn to side planks as opposed to your conventional planks. For planks, you must balance your body weight on to your foot and forearms.

You must start off by lying down on your stomach, straight. Now, elevate your body such that your forearms are flat on the ground and your body is right under your shoulders. With that, make your feet in a tippy toe position. Now slowly lift yourself up and stay in that position for at least 30 seconds.





To cinch the waist, you’d have to do the side crunches which particularly focus on your oblique muscles. To perform this exercise, you must lie on either one of your sides with your hands behind your head and knees pulled in at 45 degrees. Now, slightly raise your head towards your hip and repeat that motion for 15-20 times.


Lastly, to work on your butt and get that beach bum, you must do the following exercises:





Squats work like magic on your butt and thighs. For squats, you must stand with your legs, hips width apart, followed by lowering your body with the help of your knees, keeping your back straight. Repeat this exercise as much as you can to witness the booty out of Instagram.





Lunges focus more towards toning of thighs than butt or hips. For lunges, you must bring one of your legs in front of your body such that it is in line with your ankle. Now push your body forward using the leg in front of you and repeat this motion slowly 15-30 times.



For your body to react positively, you must give it some time to relax and rest. Make sure you take around 8-10 hours of sleep every night to see better results with all the effort you’re putting in by working out and eating right.

The proper sleeping position also matters. Many people sleep on their side since they feel comfortable. This may cause cramps or pulled muscles.

Getting the right hours of sleep will not just speed up the change you wish to see but will also help you get glowing skin and healthier hair.

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