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How To Stay Warm This Fall While Outside With the Family

Fall is the best time for outdoor activities but we know that cold weather gets in the way! Are your kids playing sports this fall and you are dreading sitting outside in the cold? Planning a fall camping trip with the family? Having a family cookout by the fire pit? So many outdoor activities where staying warm is important but also hard! How can you stay warm while attending outdoor activities this fall? We have the perfect solution for you depending on the activity that you are doing!

How can you stay warm while attending outdoor activities this fall? We have the perfect solution for the activities that you are doing!

Sports events

One of the first places that we know gets colder every week are sporting events for our kids! Between early morning soccer games on the weekends or after school football games, the temperatures are dropping quickly. There is a great way to stay warm, whether it be morning or night time. Many times we bring a blanket but they drag on the ground or you get stuck in them. They aren’t easy to use. 


The solution is having a . Mozy is where mobile meets cozy. Mozy is the technical thermal wrap scientifically-proven to keep you 100% warmer than stadium blankets. Can you imagine how much this will change your soccer mom status? Having a hands-free, hassle-free wrap is very helpful for moms because you can use your hands to now record or take pictures of your kid’s sports. 

Mozy blanket



Another great place to use a Mozy is when you go camping with the family in the fall. During the day it can be warm with the sun shining, but at night, the temperatures drop and it gets very cold. Have a Mozy to wrap around your lap sitting at the campfire is perfect because of the polartec fleece inside the and the warm plush interior keeps you cozy during the late night adult hangouts after the kids go to sleep. Don’t let the cold weather veer your directions away from camping. Now you can have fun camping in the fall AND stay warm! 


Outdoor movies

When trying to find fun outdoor activities with the family in the fall, outdoor movies have become a big hit this year. But with the weather changing it makes being outdoors at night with the family harder. Another way to use a Mozy is by bringing it for the kids to watch a movie outside. It is hassle-free and has three multifunctional pockets that are perfect for movie snacks to go in. Plus, you can fold up the corners and attach for walking, this makes it perfect for kids so they don’t trip.  


Mozy blanket


Planning some family cookouts this fall? Keep everyone outside as long as possible and keep everyone warm. The Mozy is water-resistant and has adjustable warmth. This is perfect for an outdoor barbeque because you can still have enough time outside with the family and not be very cold. Mozy is lightweight and mobile so it is easy to transport back and forth to different barbeques. 



Another fun activity that you can do outdoors during the fall is go hiking. The later you get into the fall season, the colder it gets early mornings. This would be a great time to hike to see the views but also very cold. Mozy can help you when you take a break from hiking, it is easy to put on. Just wrap it around and use the adjustable straps to adjust. It is easy to fold corners up and attach for walking in case you want to wear it when hiking.


Outdoor concerts

Lastly, another fun fall activity that you can do is attend outdoor concerts. Most concerts are at night and a Mozy would be perfect for this situation. They are easy to transport back and forth because they are lightweight. Then you can sit at the concert and being cozy while watching great music. 



Having a Mozy can help you out in so many ways this fall. Between outdoor sports activities to concerts, staying warm can keep you from getting sick while enjoying fun activities. Make sure to get your Mozy now so you can attend all of these events and stay warm! I know that we can now go to our local outdoor movies and be cozy and warm every weekend! 


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  1. Love outdoor movies! I’m so glad that drive-in and now boat-in movies are making a big comeback where I live!

  2. These are great tips! One of the best pieces of advice I received was “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. Having the right gear makes all the difference!

  3. Thank you for including a video review of the Mozzy. I’m always more convinced watching videos or reading reviews. This would be something I would use to stay warm outdoors! I’m saving your post!

  4. I live in Michigan so we are used to wearing layers when we go outside. But, we are always looking for things to keep us warm so we can enjoy time outside. I will definitely be checking this out!

  5. I personally have never heard of a mozy before this post but definitely putting it on my Christmas list.

  6. I have never heard of this before but sounds amazing! I’ll have to look into it!

  7. This is EXCELLENT! I think I’m going to get this for my brother and sister in law as they are always watching my nephew play football in the freezing cold! This is absolutely brilliant for camping too. Never heard of it, and now I’m stoked to try it out!

  8. I love your ideas! We live in Upstate NY and it certainly gets cold in the winter. It is so good to make sure we get a lot of outdoor time as a family.

  9. I’ve never seen these before, they seem like they would be extremely beneficial to people trying to enjoy nature even in the colder months. Being outside is so good for us, having the appropriate attire is such an important thing to keep in mind. Thank you for sharing this product!

  10. Thank you so so much for the awesome recommendation!! We are huge campers…when you can break away from kids sports. It’s a win win for both…ALL activities that we love! Thank you again! Never had heard of it!

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