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How To Increase Your Workout Efforts

Being a mom makes it hard to work out. I try to workout at least 3-4 times a week but then work events get in the way and sick children get in the way and it leaves me the one without the workout time. When I do get to workout, I want to make sure I am using it to best of my time.

My workout regime is usually going to an hour long barre class, 3-4 times a week, and then the elliptical the other days I don’t get to attend barre class. I know that when I am diligent with working out and eating healthy, it is the perfect combination. However, recently I have felt like all of my efforts that had been working for me in the past, were not working so well anymore!

How could this be?

Had I lost my metabolism over night?

I knew what I was doing was not enough. I searched Google and Pinterest for other options to assist me in my workout and dieting efforts.  I found a company called Sports Research that had exactly what I needed: a waist trimmer.


working out

These two products have been life savers. They make me feel like I am working harder and getting the best return for my investment into working out. Being able to maximize your workout time, since it is always such a short time, by wearing a waist trimmer and the gel that helps target fat burning, is an added bonus when you have a harder time getting in shape as the years go by.

I decided to start wearing it all the time around the house doing laundry, cooking dinner, going for walks, using the elliptical, sleeping etc. I love the way my stomach feels when I take it off! Knowing that I was sweating extra during all these times when I am running around my house or out grocery shopping.

waist trimmer



My new fitness goal for this month is to wear this every day during my workouts and when I am running around my house as moms usually do as well as using the workout enhancer. I want to see wear my waist ends at by end of February.

Did you know that Sports Research makes other amazing products like THIGH trimmers and ARM trimmers!? Seriously – they read my mind and invented a company. If I could just swear all of them all the time……! Being a busy mom, having alternatives to help out my workouts and increase my efforts are so huge during the busy week we have! It is important to always include time for self-care into your weekly schedule too and being able to use products to help use when time is short overall is taking better care of ourselves.



[this is a sponsored post in exchange for an honest review. all opinions are 100% my own. please visit my disclaimer page for more information.]

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