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Did You Know About Cosmetics for Active Women?

Did you know that there are cosmetics for women who work out? Yup, you heard me right. Being an active mom and one who goes to fitness classes, this is something that I really needed, but had no clue about. After barre class, I am usually super sweaty and if I don’t wipe it off sooner than later, I break out.

A lot of women always wonder if they should or shouldn’t wear makeup when working out. That’s a good question right? Well, most women are coming from a place where they might have worn makeup before they are working out and it seems kind of ridiculous to go in the bathroom and wipe off all of your makeup before working out to avoid clogged pores. You really don’t have to do that!

However, there are makeup products that you can buy for days when you know that you are going to workout after being in the office that day. Sweat Cosmetics has solved this mystery for you. Here is what they say: “High-performance makeup designed to protect & enhance beauty while enduring a woman’s on-the-go life. Developedtested, and proven by professional and Olympic female athletes, we believe in empowering active women to embrace their beauty, and encourage every woman to find her sweat.” Read more on their site. This is makeup designed by athletes who were having the same problem as you and I.

When I read through their site to find which product would fit me best, Sweat had some great key words that caught my eye:

Sweat-resistant, all-natural, hypoallergenic & cruelty-free cosmetics with SPF protection

I knew I had to try it out.


sweat cosmeticscosmetics for active women

The application is very easy. It comes with a brush and the mineral illuminator and you brush it on your cheekbones to highlight or even all over your face and collarbones, chest, etc. for a radiant look. It provides a nice glow after a long, sweaty workout by soothing active skin. This product is dermatologist approved so it does not clog your pores and it has antioxidants in the makeup.

Here is a quick little video clip:

If you are looking to buy the Gleam On Mineral Illuminator, click here. Want to find more products like this? Check them out here. Are you someone who works out a lot? You might want to consider the switch over. Check the out today!



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