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Why Every Military Family Needs a Nixplay Smart Frame

Military families move often and it is usually away from friends and family. Because we move so often, it is important to find ways to feel at home, even when you’re not. Nixplay is a smart frame that allows families more options than just a regular frame to share their photos. This article will share with you reasons why every military family needs a Nixplay smart frame.



Stay connected with family

When you are moving around the world, it gets hard to stay in touch with family. Sometimes you cannot bring all of your personal belongings because there isn’t enough room in the current home you moved to. However, Nixplay is a great way for military families to move around with their pictures altogether in one location. It has a great variety of smart frames for families like ours to be able to travel lightly but have a ton of pictures around them at all times. Nixplay smart frames have either digital or wifi capabilities. The wifi cloud frame allows you to connect the frame through wifi without any extra wires.


Family can send you photos

Another great way to stay connected is to set up an account for your family to be able to add pictures to your account from anywhere in the world. There is an app that they can use to upload photos on the go. When your child comes home from school everyday they can see new photos that grandma and grandpa have sent to their frame. It is fun to watch how excited they get when you see the new name appear on the frame when new photos have been sent to the frame.

Nixplay Digital Photo Frames

You can send them photos

This can also work both ways. If your family members have a Nixplay in their home, you can send photos of your kiddos to their frame for them to see on a daily basis. The Nixplay smart frame is a great gift for Mother’s Day or even Father’s Day.  Knowing that your family can see pictures of you and your children every day is heartwarming from being so far away.

Only need one photo frame

Many times when you are a military family, moving means you are not always moving into your ideal situation. Sometimes families will move into smaller homes and can’t take all of their belongings. Most items might be going into storage. Or you might want to send photos with a loved one who is being deployed or sent away on assignment. There are so many family photos that you want to have showcased, but don’t have all of your belongings. A Nixplay smart frame is the best way to have tons of photos all in one place without having to bring multiple frames with you wherever you are moving. This saves a lot of stress from moving knowing that you can still have your family photos up even though you don’t have all of your personal items.

Final thoughts

Having a Nixplay can really help keep families that are far apart closer together. Living far apart and moving often can really take a toll on the decorations that you put out in your home. Having a Nixplay can help you minimize photo frames but have ample photos and keep your family photos still in your home. Get connected now!


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