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5 Reasons I Cloth Diaper & Why You Should Consider It

Thinking About Cloth Diapers?

You don’t have to be a super crunchy Mom to enjoy the benefits of cloth diapering! Let me break down 5 Top reasons why I personally decided to cloth diaper my baby (and why you might want to consider it!)


They’re Stylish!

Yes, your regular run of the mill disposable diapers now have cute prints on them. But sometimes white diapers just get boring! Why not have a rainbow of colors and prints to choose from? Using cloth diapers will help you keep your baby stylish and fashionable. Plus, they’ll make matches outfits a lot more fun – or bonus; you can even let them run around bottomless, and no one will really notice a thing. Bright happy colors, mermaid prints, airplanes – whatever you want! There’s a diaper for everyone!


Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash


Cloth Diapers Are Better For The Environment!

Did you know that a disposable diaper has a lifespan of 20-500 years? Ok, that educated guess comes from a variety of experts. While the plastics found in disposables are generally thought to biodegrade within 10-20 years, other experts believe that a disposable diaper could actually survive for 400-500 years( they’re still finding diapers our parents wore!)

So one can only safely guarantee that anything that goes to the dump is going to be around for a while. Solution? Find ways to keep from adding to the problem of growing landfills. Cloth diapers are made to be reused, time and again. With proper care, these won’t only last the 2-4 years for potty training, but several children!

And you don’t have to feel guilty about the extra trash bags you’re taking out, dedicated to just diapers!


They’re Good For Sensitive Skin!

Some babies are born allergic to materials found in popular disposable diaper brands. Unfortunately, you usually don’t discover this until you use one on your child, and they have a reaction! While I’m not saying it’s super important to begin cloth diapering at birth, it can help if you suspect there might be a reaction.

My son was lucky in that he’s never been allergic to any kind of diaper. He has gotten a little bit of diaper rash from a disposable, however, but this is common and with some kids, it doesn’t take very long. But some babies simply cannot use any kind of disposable! And filtering through the various brands to discover one that works (hopefully) can be a nightmare for both parents and their littles.

This makes cloth diapers a godsend, because there’s no added chemicals or plastics to irritate sensitive skin. Just clean cottony cloth!

But doesn’t cloth diapers give babies terrible rashes? Only if they aren’t properly cleaned. My son has never – never had a rash of any kind from a cloth diaper! The only few times he has, was from wearing a disposable on a trip where I didn’t feel like dragging wet/soiled diapers around with me.


Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

Cloth Diapers Save A Ton Of Money!

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to buy diapers every week? It’s reality for a cloth diapering mama! Instead of purchasing an item that is disposable (much like your poop-catcher budget), why not invest a fraction of it in a reusable product? Essentially, that’s what cloth enables you to do.

While the upfront cost of building a diaper stash seems daunting (ball park, $200-$300 for enough diapers to get you through 3-4 days without washing), look at it this way. Your initial investment will pay for itself within 6 months. And you’ll probably spend an average $3k-$5k a year before your child is potty trained!

If you’re wondering how much your detergent and utility bills will increase with the extra laundry, don’t worry. When you time your diaper duties just right, it can amount to only a few extra loads a week! Plus, you can use the same detergent to wash your diapers, as you do with your clothes (don’t be fooled by “diaper safe detergents”, it’s a gimmick!).

Not to mention the money you’ll save on trash bags and diaper genies. The amount of money you save is far greater than the little you’ll barely notice you’re spending once you ditch the ‘sposies!

It’s More Convenient!

Honestly, it is!

Forget those late-night trips to the store to get diapers that you forgot earlier in the day. Oh, and the time it takes to shlep through Target with kids in tow to get the HUGE box that will last a week. I find better use of my time doing anything than buying another disposable product. But what about the laundry?

You mean that one extra load of the day that took 25 minutes in my washing machine? I played with my baby while that was getting clean. I cleaned all the downstairs bathrooms while it was drying. And I prepped my diapers to be used, as my baby took a nap. Once you get your wash routine down, you can have a stack of 15-20 fresh out of the laundry, clean diapers ready for use, in about 1.5 hours. Seriously!

And you’re only doing actual ‘work’ in that time frame amounting to about 20 minutes. The machines do the rest!

In the end it’s your decision…

And while cloth has great benefits, so do disposables! It’s ultimately your decision as to how you cover your kids butt. No one way is better than another.

But hopefully, if you’re curious about the method, or considering it yourself, I’ve given you some insight on why I thought it to be the best decision for my child. And in our experience – it has been!


Featured Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

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