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Road Trip: How to Travel for Cheap as a Military Spouse

Whether you’re traveling to your next home base or going on a post-deployment vacation, you can take advantage of military incentives. These incentives can get you to your destination as inexpensively as possible. Many businesses honor military personnel and their families. They are often willing to subsidize your travel expenses or offer amazing discounts. Most people are familiar with the low airfare rates for military families when traveling by plane. However, there are also plenty of offers for when you are traveling by land. Here are just a few of the programs and opportunities that are available for you when you’re travel cheap as a military spouse.


Check Business Promotions

As with anything, many businesses are willing to offer promotions that you can take advantage of. For example, a road trip is a good way to travel without it costing you too much. Consider renting a vehicle if yours doesn’t get very good gas mileage. Many companies like Alamo or Penske offer rental vehicles at a discount to military families. Even if a business doesn’t advertise their promotions, make sure to inquire about any deals they may have. Many businesses offer military discounts on car maintenance and auto body services.


Utilize Reward Programs

You can sign up for military discount cards or reward programs. These will require that you initially provide proof that you’re a military spouse. After that, you will receive all of the benefits without having to show your ID every time. While it’s more common for businesses to advertise their military discounts on certain days of the year, you can take advantage of these programs year-round. This will help you to save some money as you travel. A quick search will uncover many rewards programs that cater to military spouses and families. Find which ones work for you. Some rewards programs will let you tailor them to your own needs. Remember to ask if there are any adjustments that can be made to suit your needs.


Find Cheap Places to Stay

Many hotels and campgrounds offer discounted rates for military families. Many MWR offices rent campers, and there are plenty of military campgrounds where you can park them. Also, as mentioned above, many rental companies offer discounts to military families. Another option that you can take advantage of when you’re traveling is other military bases. You can get room and board at a discounted rate and take advantage of the base’s amenities. It will give you a chance to see other places and not have to worry about the expense. Remember: it never hurts to ask the place where you’re staying whether they offer any discounts. If you or your spouse are disabled, check for accommodative housing. Check whether your medical benefits will also assist in covering certain travel expenses.


Research Vacation Clubs

There are vacation clubs that specifically cater to military families. One example is the Armed Forces Vacation Club. Its sister site, Veterans Holidays, also has more great deals. The Armed Forces Vacation Club offers free membership to Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retirees, and DoD civilians. It grants access to over two hundred thousand resorts and accommodations in over one hundred countries. Even theme parks like Disneyland offer discounts or free admittance to family members of those that are serving in the military.

There are also hotel chains that offer reduced rates and incentive programs for military families. Some programs even offer free flights from one military base to another. This will help you to get to where you need to go without the added expense. There are many more vacations, rental properties and resorts that offer military discounts. Don’t be afraid to cast your net wide.

It’s possible to travel on the cheap if you’re willing to utilize the resources that are available for military family members. Certain benefits you will need your spouse to sign up for first. Then, as a military spouse, you will be able to access them later. Others will be available to you immediately simply as you are a military spouse. Use these techniques to help you travel without paying full price. There are many companies and businesses that value what you and your family are sacrificing for your country. They are willing to show their support with lower prices and better deals.

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