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How To Get Ready for a Root Canal Procedure

A root canal procedure is a process that is designed to preserve a tooth, rather than actually saving it. By the time you need a root canal, it is too late to actually “save” the tooth. Infection has reached the inner core and the tooth itself is dying already. Left without treatment, the area around the tooth can become infected and painful abscesses can form. This article talks about how to get ready for this major dental procedure.

A root canal is a process designed to preserve a tooth, rather than actually saving it. This article talks about how to get ready for this dental procedure. TWL Working Moms


How does it work?

The procedure itself essentially involves removing the infected nerve tissue inside the tooth. Carefully cleaning it out and filling and sealing the space to close it off to further infection. The now hollow tooth can become dry and brittle, so a further treatment known as the crown is required, which is a rigid covering, even stronger than natural tooth enamel, which will preserve the structural integrity of the tooth, to prevent it from breaking.



Why Root Canal Is Done

Extracting the tooth is an option, but at that point, you are going to require a bridge to fill the gap or a dental implant in the cavity. Having a root canal is a simpler and cheaper option, which still allows you to benefit from the structure of the dead tooth for chewing and talking normally. Once the procedure is completed, you will be able to use the tooth exactly the same as before it became infected. Your local dentist in Everton Park & Mitchelton can help you decide if a root canal is your best option, or if going straight to a dental implant is more advisable.


Preparing for a Root Canal

Before your root canal treatment, there are several steps that it is advisable to take, to ensure that you fully understand what is going on and why, and to help you with the fastest possible recovery. The treatment is removing an infection from within your system and to ensure it is completely killed off, you are going to need a course of antibiotics, which it is advisable to obtain in advance. You can do this after the treatment of course, but you may be in some discomfort for a while immediately after, and possibly not in the mood to go shopping.


A few days after, the area may be painful due to natural tissue inflammation. Be sure to get some prescription painkillers in case they are needed.


Think About Your Diet

Following your root canal it is advisable to make sure you have purchased a good supply of soft foods. You may not feel like chewing anything hard or crunchy for a while. It is advisable to avoid alcohol and tobacco both before and after the treatment. You will be injected with a pain killer. There is possibility of having an adverse reaction to both of them. It is also advisable to inform your dentist of any prescription medicine you may be taking. This will allow him to ascertain what impact, if any, they may potentially have.


Good Oral Hygiene

It will be important to maintain good oral hygiene following the procedure. As your gums in the area of the surgery may be very sensitive, get another toothbrush. Buying a soft bristled toothbrush to use until the pain and swelling subside might also be a very good idea. Root canals have a very good rate of success, which you can enhance with these few simple, but pragmatic steps.


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