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Top Back to School Tech Trends 2021 [Updated]

During summer break, students are unlikely to think about anything back-to-school, except for maybe a few special first-week outfits. Parents, however, would do well to start planning supply purchases for the upcoming school year, especially tech trends for the upcoming 2022 school year.

Technology is permeating our classrooms, and its presence in education is rapidly expanding. Gone are the days of handwritten or even hard copy assignments. Students, teachers, and parents are now electronically connected, along with assignments and report cards.

Now, to study at home, students need to pack their bags with iPads and chargers, in addition to pencils and books. Students are accessing homework over an app or checking their grades online. The right educational technology can literally lighten a student’s load.  It can also ensure they have everything they need to succeed in school.

Curious which top back-to-school tech trends add to your shopping list? Ahead are some of the most essential gadgets for the crazy 2021-2022 school year.


Curious which top tech trends to add to your back-to-school shopping list? Ahead are some of the most essential gadgets for the 2020-2021 school year.




First and foremost, ipads and tablets are changing education today and are most essential. In recent years, Apple has positioned itself as education’s technology partner, making iPads an indispensable part of the school curriculum. Their 2018 iteration includes new features like ‘pencil support’.

Pencil support “enables users to draw or write on the display…[and is] useful for shading in drawings in art class, while also allowing for notes to be written on the screen without getting out a keyboard or tapping uncomfortably on the screen for long periods.




Another essential technology piece this back to school year is a laptop. Major companies like Apple have been vocal about the fact that their aim use tablets to replace traditional PCs. While this may be possible in some professions, students likely still need a fuller capacity machine. At the same time, it should be portable and have an extended battery life. They can get caught in a battle for one of the limited classroom outlets. The lighter weight the machine the better.


Portable cordless charger

Along with iPads and laptops, students will need easy ways to keep their technology charged. Help your children avoid the charge station shuffle altogether by investing in a portable battery charger. Get your child a tablet from the same maker as their cell phone. They can use one piece of tech to re-fuel both. In some cases, at the same time!



Whether they’re listening to an online tutoring session or using binaural beats to improve their concentration while they study, a pair of noise diffusing headphones can help. Perfectly portable, these inexpensive back-to-school technologies are a must-have.


Smart backpack

Lastly, a smart backpack is a student’s best friend. Use to be some strong straps to hold all those textbooks were the main requirement to make a ‘best back-to-school backpacks list. Now, the criteria include dedicated protection for that expensive laptop or tablet. Today’s best backpacks are designed around your gear, not just your books.




Final thoughts

Back to school shopping can get really expensive fast. Shopping online can really help you save money and make a plan before searching from store to store. Remember, going above and beyond for school supplies is not always better. If your child’s school provides a list, follow it and don’t veer off!


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