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6 Useful Gifts First-Time Parents Will Actually Use

Becoming a new parent can also be very scary. It is normal to feel scared as bringing a baby in this world is the most significant responsibility one can have, and no one can prepare you to be the perfect parent for your child.

Therefore, if you have friends or family who is expecting their firstborn, there are many useful gifts out there that will ease their life as parents, even for a little bit. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting our top 6 awesome baby gifts for first-time parents.


Babysense Video & Baby Movement Monitor

1. Mattress Movement Monitor

The mattress movement monitor is the perfect babysitter as it offers 24/7 accurate surveillance of your beloved baby. A parent can never be too careful when it comes to their baby safety. For that reason, a baby monitor can assure that the baby is safe and sound during the night.

The parents will be able to rest assure and restore their powers during the night knowing that the baby is safe in the next room, and if something is to happen, they are the first o know. This device brings a lot of comfort for the parents in any circumstance, and that’s why it would make the perfect gift for any new parent.

2. Baby Shusher

Reading several Baby Shusher reviews, I discovered that this device is incorporating one of the “Five S” from the method for soothing your baby. This device is producing rhythmic shushing noises which are meant to calm the baby – even stop the baby from crying – and help at falling the baby asleep smooth and easy.

Many parents struggle with making their baby fall asleep and stopping them from the terrible crying. Therefore, Baby Shusher would make the perfect gift for new parents so they won’t have to struggle too much with never-ending crying sessions.

Daddy Diaper Duty Set

3. Daddy Diaper Duty Set

We all know by now that females tend to be more organized than males. As well, when it comes to the baby, we want everything to be perfect, flawless. But this is not an excuse for the daddy to not change the diaper because he never gets the order of the steps right.

Therefore, a great gift would be the daddy diaper duty set. There he will have all the tools he needs to do the job correctly without guidance and surveillance from the mother. Mothers can’t do it all, so the fathers must help too even if they require a bit of extra help

4. Portable High Chair

The high chair is a must-have for all parents. A baby will never stay still, so for a baby to stay safe while he is eating or while the parents are preparing the food and clean up, a high chair is the only solution.

But what is better than a high chair is a portable high chair. Not only that the parents will be able to take it to the mountain cabin with them is an easy way, but they can easily have dinners in the garden with the baby.

As well, imagine having a fixed high chair that is always in the way when the baby isn’t in it. With a portable one, you can quickly put it out of your way.

5. Quiet Door Closure

Baby sleep is usually pretty light, and sometimes, even the smallest sounds can and that 1 hour of peace the parents have during the day. As well, waking up a baby can turn into a nightmare.

The baby will wake up cranky because he didn’t get to restore his powers, and he is still tired, which means continuous crying. But what is the sound that can wake up a baby most often and we can’t avoid?

Closing and opening the doors around the house is the sound we can’t avoid. One can stay still in a place for so long, and eventually, you’ll have to go to the bathroom, especially when the baby is asleep. For this reason, quiet door closure would make a perfect gift for any soon to be parents.


Portable Bassinet for Baby - Foldable Baby Bed - Travel Bassinet Functions As Diaper Bag And Changing Station

6. Portable Sleeper and Changing Station

Imagine being a parent and going for a walk with your sweet baby to enjoy the weather and out of a sudden duty calls, and you must change the diapers. Not a pleasant thing to happen considering that there might not be a bathroom close or at least not a clean and safe one.

Now imagine the comfort you must feel that regardless of where you are with your baby, you can grab the portable changing station from the trolley. Its tool is perfect if the parents love to travel as it has four functions: diaper bag, changing table, bed, and a regular bag to carry all the baby necessities.


Becoming a parent is magical, but it comes with a lot of challenges throughout the years. For this reason, you can contribute to ease the new parents’ life by making an amazing, useful gift from the list above.

Any parent can use all the help they can get, but there’s no more fabulous gift then support and true friendship. New parents need their friends to help more than ever, even if this meals a long conversation over the phone or preparing the house for the baby. Be there for your soon to be parent friends with your spirit and amazing gifts.

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