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Water or Electrolyte Drinks: Which Is Better?

Physical activity is the cornerstone of every healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that you can just be a couch potato for the rest of your life if you already weigh less. On the other hand, fat acceptance is a movement that supports body positivity and confidence amongst women. This article will go through a few ways to determine if water or electrolyte drinks are better for you.


Taking care of you

There is nothing wrong with loving who you are, but you must also take good care of your body. Eating too much for pleasure is not something your body needs, and you may regret all those extra calories that you have been gorging on once you get older. Yes, it is important to be confident about yourself but being deliberately unhealthy is not a solution. Sometimes, you have to take that run even just around your house or go to the gym for extra motivation.


Going to the gym

When you go to the gym, you always notice that most people will have a bottle nearby. This is usually filled with water. When we exercise, our bodies experience a change in temperature. This rapid change, if not regulated, can lead to palpitations and other cardiovascular ailments. Sweating or perspiration is the normal response of the body to a higher temperature and it cools us down. Drinking water helps us avoid dehydration and other heat-related health problems. It is also the universal drink that everyone should enjoy. Learn more about the benefits of water here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/290814.php.


Sports drinks during exercise

On the other hand, there are other people who like to have sports drinks during exercise. You would probably know that when we sweat, we also lose other nutrients aside from water. Electrolytes are compounds and salts that are vital to the cells especially the nerves. These compounds create the healthy environment for our cells in relation to water consumption. The electrolytes release or retain water from the cells depending on their concentration on the environments and the inside of the cell. They are also responsible for bringing the water to the sweat glands to be released to the skin surface.


Healthy sports drink

There are many types of sports drinks available in the market these days. There are the commercial ones that we all know because almost every athlete in the world uses the same brand. Also, there’s imitations which try to compete with this commercial brand. However, there are also options referred to as natural sports drinks which cater to those who are not really into the commercial stuff. As we all know now, these have high concentration of sugars which does not benefit people with special needs. For example, there are vegan athletes who would like to stick to a more eco-friendly option when it comes to their electrolyte rich drink. Options like the healthy sports drink by DrinkGT offers can be good for them.

Now, there is a lot of debate whether when should you drink water or electrolyte drinks. Some people would say that they do not want any kind of sports drink at all even the natural ones since water is perfectly fine for them. Others prefer the sports drink because it makes them feel better after an exercise. The flavors make it so much more interesting and the added electrolytes are beneficial as well.

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What do sports officials say

Most doctors and sports medicine professionals would agree that both water and sports drinks are great depending on the situation. It is an overall need of humans and cannot be replaced by anything even by sports drinks. It really just depends on the type, its intensity and the duration of activity that you are doing. For example, if you are just doing a light activity for less than an hour, water is enough. On the other hand, heavy exercise routines like cross fit and martial arts training enthusiasts need sports drinks to replenish all the water and electrolytes that was lost.


Final thoughts

Whether you are doing cardio or weightlifting, it is important to have a bottle of something to drink. Even if you are just sitting on your couch and just binging on TV, it is important to drink water as well. It helps in maintaining a healthier lifestyle even if you are not inclined to do anything as of the moment. There is no perfect time for exercise; you just have to do it.



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