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Weight Loss Tips and Diet for Working Moms

Eating your favorite pepperoni pizza or Mexican tacos seems delicious. But what about the lifelong dream of becoming slim and putting on that old dress in your closet? You won’t discard it as it is for the time when you will lose weight to fit into it. These are some of the common problems of busy moms and working ladies. They are constantly juggling through daily tasks. It starts from early morning with kids breakfast, lunches, getting ready for work and doing all the household work in the evening. They seldom find time to relax and take care of themselves. Weight loss becomes a struggle when you are so tired from all the activities and even simple breathing exercises seem like climbing a mountain.

Although, it is just a matter of persistence and takes much less time than one thinks. Today, we will go through some of the weight loss tips and diets for our beloved working moms who are our true heroes:


Dietary Plan for Busy Moms

You don’t have to follow a strict diet plan which will take time to cook and you will be ending up exhausted. Some of the instructions are below which you can follow to get efficient results:

  • Avoid food containing fats like pizza, butter, and cheese. In the breakfast, opt for oatmeal with fruits of your choice.
  • Take care when you are frying food. It is rich in crab and has no benefits for your body. Instead of air fry the food which will eliminate the oily texture of the goods.
  • Add green tea in your diet. You can take that after every meal. It cleanses your stomach and your skin will look more refreshing.
  • Take salads with green leafy vegetables. Studies have shown that green salad took as a meal once a day reduces the age of a person by one decade. If you take it twice a day, it will have more benefits.
  • Say No to sugar. Even brown sugar is harmful to your health. Let your body burn all the accumulated sugar first and then you can use it in small amounts if you like.
  • The stimulating agent in organic coffee helps in increasing metabolism resulting in quick weight loss.
  • Use fruits instead of sugary desserts. They have natural sugar content and can be very effective to cure skin problems.
  • Add cucumbers in your diet. You can make a smoothie from cucumber, coriander leaves, and lemon. Drink it before you sleep and it will cleanse your stomach from all the bacteria.
  • Replace conventional yogurt with Greek yogurt, which is less in fats. Greek yogurt is great for breakfast and keeps you energized all day.
  • Add proteins in your diet. Use boiled eggs, roasted chicken or meat with lemon sauce. Do not cook chicken in gravy or fry it. That will harm you more than doing good.
  • Make water your best friend. Drink a lot of water. It will prevent dehydration and the digestion process smooth.



Weight Loss Tips

Below are some of the easy to follow weight loss tips which yield tremendous benefits:

  • Keep track of the calories you consume during the day. It is normally 1200-1700 depending on your routine and body structure.
  • Three meals a day is quite an outdated strategy. Instead, take small portions of food every three hours to keep your metabolism on duty.
  • Drink water before the start of the meal. If you drink water at the end, it will fill your stomach and delay the digestion process
  • Give a shot to intermittent fasting. Studies have shown that it has significant positive impacts on our body.
  • Go for aerobic exercise. It is best for weight loss in lesser time, if you take it with a group, it is quite enjoyable as well
  • Ditch the starvation mode problem by doing some weight lifting exercises. It will build strength in your muscles.
  • Yoga and breathing exercises are the best to keep yourself calm and motivated before a workout session. They will not cause muscle pain during the exercises.



Weight loss seems like a tussle when you are occupied with so many activities. Just Relax! Take a deep breath and schedule your day to find some time for yourself. Stealing this time from your day make you more motivated and energized. You can use the tips mentioned above according to your convenience. Remember that losing weight is not a day or a month’s job. It will take time for you to get acquainted with your body needs, fitting into the weight loss journey.  In the end, seeing yourself in that fancy fitted dress which was placed somewhere far in your closet will be one the happiest moments of your life. The feeling of accomplishment will be overwhelmed and will keep you going to maintain the same strength for a longer run.


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