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What to Pack in Bag for Baby and Mom on the Go

It is important for moms on the go to be prepared for many instances. Determining what to pack in bag is difficult and knowing if it’s essential or not, otherwise, you might end up taking your whole house with you! Whenever you leave your house as a mom, you are not only taking your own things but every child’s belongings too. In your bag, there might be your wallet, cell phone, makeup, and then cars, binky’s, diapers, bottles, napkins, wipes, burp clothes, lollipops, crayons, ketchup packets, spoons and more!

But once you hit about 8-10 months, the annoyance of carrying a diaper bag kicks in. So you look for the necessities that you absolutely need and you just get a bigger bag. Right? Wrong. Moms on the go really do need lots of items in their bags at all times, but what are some things that are most important to keep in your bag at all times? Being a new mom I felt like this was impossible to do, I needed literally everything in my bag. Once I began to know my life as a mom, I was able to determine what was important and what was not.

What To Pack In Bag For Mom and Baby

  • Calendar/PlannerEvery mom needs to know where she is going and what is happening during that day. Keeping your calendar or in your bag helps moms on the go know what they need to do for the day.
  • Diapers and clothes: You never know when you will need an extra diaper, especially if you have an infant on the go. If your child is potty trained, then having an extra pair of underwear in a bag is extremely helpful in case of an accident.
  • Baby wipesBaby wipes can literally be used for anything. This is essential for moms on the go because it can help with wiping a baby when they have gone to the bathroom, they can clean noses, they can wipe hands and they can clean areas that you will be sitting or eating it.
  • Changing pad covers: When a mom is on the go with an infant, having a changing pad cover is essential because so many times you go into a public bathroom and the changing stations are disgusting. A changing pad cover helps you to keep your baby’s bottom clean while you are changing their diaper. north-shore-changing-pads-and-baby-wipes-moms-on-the-go-teachworkoutlove.com
  • Water bottle: Keeping a water bottle in your bag is a great addition because we always need water and children always need water too! If you are out in the summertime, it is essential that children drink water more often so they do not become dehydrated.
  • SnacksChildren are always hungry. No matter where you are or what you are doing, make sure to have in your bag in case of traffic, lines in the store, or just running late to arriving at a location that has food.
  • Blanket: Being a mom means we are always prepared, no matter the weather or time of day. Having a blanket in your bag is extremely helpful in case you need to block the sun from your child when they are in the car, or if they are napping in the car or stroller.
  • Toys: Everyone needs toys in their bag. Essential to survival in public as a mom, toys are needed in the bag!
  • Crayons: Just the basic crayons in your bag are key to survival when going to a restaurant.  Do not assume that all restaurants are kid friendly and have entertainment options for your children. Having crayons gives you a few moments of quiet before the food makes it way to your table.
  • Bandaids and sunscreen: Moms, you know that someone always gets hurt, so having a band-aid in your bag can help cut the crying fits in half by cover said cut with a band-aid. On the other hand, having sunscreen is extremely important as well. You never know when the clouds will just move out and it will be extremely sunny at the park. Be prepared by protecting your child’s skin from the sun.

Where to buy changing pad covers and wipes?

NorthShore Care Supply offers their own private label diapers, changing pads and wipes for kids of all ages and abilities. Their products are made for kids with unique body types to keep them clean, protected and leak free day AND night. This is so important when you are on the go because you just never know what will happen, so be prepared for a diaper to get leaky, a nose to get runny, someone getting sick; these are all great reasons to carry changing pads and wipes. Find the next best products for your child to use today.

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