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Why Parents Should Have A Trampoline At Home

Managing the balance between work and home can get exhausting and hectic for working moms. We not only have to look out after the needs of our children but also the responsibilities of work. And here, what if I tell you there’s equipment that you can purchase which will be useful not only for your kids but also for yourself & your family… It’s a trampoline!!!

And there’s a reason I’ve found it to be so useful… I understand that it is no easy task, akin to pulling double duty so let us give ourselves a pat on the back, ladies.

One area in my experience I’ve found some lacking in with conversations with colleagues is children’s exercise and physical activities.

Often I’ve seen friends telling about giving their kids the latest Smartphone or video gaming console to pass away the time when they are not involved in studies. Due to the lack of parental presence, children don’t engage in physical play. Such working moms also complain in this aspect about their own health, that between running back and fro the workplace and the house, they do not have time or energy for their own health.

And that’s the reason that I believe a trampoline can be the best piece of equipment you can invest in to accommodate not just fun and play for your children but also physical activity and exercise. That goes for you too, you will find the trampoline the best piece of workout equipment which provides catharsis and fun.

Here are the reasons why you should buy a trampoline:



For the Children

Cardiovascular Activity

Between junk food and digital platforms not to mention rising obesity rates, our children are at more of a risk than ever of heart diseases. Trampolines will contribute to alleviating this concern by getting your kids moving and utilize their bodies and legs. Trampolines are a great form of physical activity and will build leg strength, stamina and improve circulation in your children.



Trampolines encourage all kinds of fun and games for children which gets their creative juices flowing. They may look simple and boring at first glance but there are numerous children’s games to work out and play on a trampoline. Show your children any of the games from Marco Polo to Hot Potato to ball toss or leave them to their own devices.

This will surely get their brains moving and in action rather than being glued to the TV screen or mobiles.


All Ages Fun

Trust me, your older kids may make faces or balk at the idea, but very soon they will be joining your little ones in the jumping games. A trampoline is plain fun at its core and is an enjoyable activity, there is no age barrier to it and your children can have fun on it together.

Thanks to the advanced trampoline technology that we have now, any concerns that you previously had regarding the safety of your kids can now be laid to rest. They have been made redundant by new models like springless trampolines which are safer and protective.


For Yourself


Coming back home tired from a day’s work, a trampoline can be one of the best ways to unwind and release tension. Freshen up, lighten up, have a little snack and give it a go yourself. Trampoline jumping is a low impact activity. It does not require much effort so you can enjoy the motion of gravity and go up and down without strain or work.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay


Now, this is one point most of you will be interested in it. Do you want to know the secret to my great figure?

You guessed it, a trampoline can be a great conduit for keeping yourself physically fit. There are a variety of trampoline exercises which target numerous areas of your body like your core, your belly fat and most importantly your legs and thighs.

A trampoline is the best form of high-intensity exercise if you so utilize it like that for busy working moms. You need not invest in expensive gym equipment or leave kids alone again as you leave for the gym. Have the best workout you can at home while keeping a watch on your children.

Plus, children reciprocate what they see. So seeing you active on the trampoline will also have them active and give them more incentive to use it.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Family Fun Time

Now granted if your kids are older then you cannot very well involve the whole family in this. If your kids are small like 5-6 years old then a trampoline can be a great place to play. They can play games like an airplane, playing horse or any number of parent-child games. Involve your significant other too, no reason why he should be left out on all the fun.


Buy One Now

I hope you now have gotten an idea on the benefits of the trampoline. Hearing horror stories about trampoline injuries is a thing of the past. Get in the now and get innovative on how to solve the problems us working ladies have to deal with.


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Bec is a wife and mother of two who works part-time in the childcare industry. Bec has over 20 years in childcare and a real passion for helping children develop their motor skills. Being a busy mum, Bec is always looking for new outdoor activities to keep her and her family entertained and is a big fan of teaching children & loves experimenting with creative products, like different ranges of trampolines for outdoor games, exercise, etc.

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    1. Yes we have one at home and they are so much fun! My daughter uses it everyday. There is a net around it so it feels much safer to me as a mom.

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