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Busy Working Mom and Her Stylish Home Office

Working moms know how stressful it can be to juggle being a mom and having a successful career. Moms in every corner of the world have the same problem as you. That’s why a home office is a true savior for busy working moms. If you’re lucky to have an empty, spacious room, you should definitely consider turning it into a stylish home office. It is a great opportunity to express your personality and make it so much more than just a plain office. Here are some ways to create an original and stylish, and still comfortable working space are numerous.



Make it a group endeavor

If there are more working moms in your neighborhood, include them in this endeavor. You can come together and split the expenses to create a big working space for. That’s how you’ll create a real working atmosphere with other women like you. It will allow all of you to chat and relax during the breaks and even exchange advice on various topics. Why not spend the breaks talking about clothes, shopping, your kids and travel? It will make the working part of the day easier.


Hey mom, make the walls work for you


Forget about the usual “office colors” – paint the walls a color you really like. Choose a color that really inspires you and wakes you up. Maybe it’s bright orange or deep yellow, or maybe you enjoy calming blue or wilderness green. Many colors affect our mood, so take that into consideration, too.

No matter how big the room is, it’s always smart to use as much of it as possible. Vertical space can be used very efficiently if you install adjustable shelves on the walls. Additionally, you can decorate them with cute storage containers for more room that are also aesthetically pleasing. As your working needs change and grow, you can also adjust the shelving units. Be practical here – the items you use on an everyday basis should be stored within arm’s reach. On the other hand, rarely used items should be placed on higher shelves, as well as the bottom ones.



Memo boards are also a way to decorate the wall and have a useful working item. You can use it to add a personal touch to the office by displaying family photos and hanging mementoes. In case you want a unique memo board, find antique shutters and repaint them. Once you hang them on the wall, the slots can serve for pinning up the pieces of paper or photos. If you also add hooks, you can attach pencil cups to it.

Magnetic chalkboard paint is another option to use the wall for work. The paint enables magnets to be used on it, so you can display mementoes and photos. The surface can also be doodled on with chalk, in case you want to make a conspicuous note.


Creative storage ideas for more space and more cuteness


As stated before, working mums all around the world often find it easier to have a cleverly designed home office – generally speaking, if you are a working mum, you tend to know just where to look to find the right furniture to suit your office. For example, moms in the USA are focused on jobs that are easily done online. Those jobs usually include virtual P.A., freelance writing, web consulting or planning. Basically, they focus on jobs that don’t need much space or storage. On the other hand, working moms in Australia tend to come up with ideas on how to create more space.

They find practical solutions or consult experts like Impecca Build on how to turn the space into an office. For instance, it’s not always the best solution to shove the desk against a wall. You can use the desk as a room-divider and use all of its angles. Placing the storage containers on every side of the desk gives you more storage space. This also allows your partner or a client to sit on the opposite side of the desk.

Another way of storing things in a cool way is to use a vintage silverware caddy. You can fill it with separate containers for smaller office items, making the desk much less cluttered. As a bonus, it’s easy to bring the items with you if you need to work in another room. A beautiful tray is another stylish option. That way you can keep the most important containers on and be ready to move to another room.



The desk – a place where the business mom magic happens

The desk itself should suit your needs but also be stylish and modern.

You can opt for an adjustable standing desk, which allows you to choose between the most commonly used desk heights. In other words, you can switch from the sitting to a standing position with a simple push of the button. In case you fall in love with a specific model, you can get the usual desk that’s designed for sitting. Along with the desk, get an adjustable laptop desk that can fit on your existing desk. It allows you to work while standing if you want to and it’s easy to remove when you’re done. Practical items like that really provide you with comfort and efficiency.

A cool item that you could also have on your desk is a desk pad. If you adore your desk and want to protect the surface from scratching – get one of those. Not only does it protects the desktop but it also serves as a mouse pad. If you like having your coffee or tea while working, it makes a great beverage coaster. Desk pads come in various colors so you’ll have no problem in finding the one that fits your style.



Final comment

The undeniable truth is that it can get really hard to juggle between great family life and a successful career. Still, a good organization can go a long way in making life easier for a working mum. Your home office is there to make your work more efficient but also more inspirational and appealing. The more effort you invest in designing it, the more benefits you’ll get from it.


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