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What to Look for When Searching for a Daycare

Finding a daycare as a working mom is never easy. Finding the perfect place to leave your child for 6-8 hours a day that you fully trust is close to impossible and takes tons of time. Being able to find a location that you trust to watch your child the entire time that you are at work is an overwhelming feeling when you are in search of this location. It almost feels like it might be a mythical place, but I can assure you, these locations exist! I found one! However – it took a lot of searching and trial and error.

When I was searching, there were 10 things that I needed to make sure existed in the location that I visited. When searching, the first important thing that you do is make a list. The list should consist of questions that you want answered and what you are looking for in the location. Then after you have your list, you begin your search. There is a great website that helps working moms find a whole list of daycares without having to to a Google search through tons of pages.There is another solution: Top Daycare Centre in Newmarket allows you to search by zip code or city/state to find daycares that are close to you.


Here are some things and questions to look for when searching for a daycare:

  1. Education/Curriculum: No matter the age, there needs to be a curriculum at a daycare, ask to see it. Even if the baby is an infant, you want to ensure that they are not just leaving your baby sitting in a chair all day long, that they are required to have them do tummy time, etc. Ask, what are they learning? What will they be learning during the day? These are questions that should be able to be answered on the spot.
  2. Supervision: How many children are in the classroom? How many teachers? What is the ratio? Are the teachers paying attention when you walk in or are they talking to a friend or on their phone?
  3. Activities: Will they be doing any type of activities? What kind? Do they go on any trips?
  4. Community: What are the other teachers in the center like? Are there a lot of crying kids? Are there a lot of kids running around inside the building? When you walk in, each classroom should look like it is under control and all the children should be calm, unless they are playing outside. Having a calm community is a very important piece to enjoyment of the daycare.
  5. Safety: Do they keep the doors locked? What is the entrance to the daycare like? Is it on a main road? If so, is the playground fenced in? How will they know if someone enters the daycare that does not belong there?
  6. Structure/Balance: Is there a classroom schedule and do they follow it? When you go to visit, check out the classroom schedule and check to look if they are following it at the time that you walk in. Is there a balance between playtime and learning time?
  7. Employee Qualifications: Are most employees teenagers? Are any of them certified teachers? What is the difference between the morning and afternoon staff? Were they trained in CPR?
  8. Locations of the Center: Is the location of the center close to your job? This is important because it makes your life so much easier in the morning trying to get everyone ready, if the daycare is close to your job. What other locations is it close to? Is there a main street there? Are there any locations that look unsafe within walking distance?
  9. Class Size/Classrooms: Are the classrooms separate or are they combined together? Does each age have its own room? When you go to visit, it is imperative to make sure to find out the ratio of students to teachers and then confirm it with your states regulations. Are the classrooms ever clean or are they a mess? Are the classrooms decorated or plain? Check to see if they have words or learning tools up on the walls.
  10. Reviews: Either by looking up the site online or by word, make sure to double check reviews from other parents about how their experience was at the specific daycare that you are looking at. You will learn about experience by doing this. teachworkoutlove.com

How to find a daycare?

 Top Daycare Centers is the most planned daycare listing resource sites on the internet, with an intention to offer features and services that promote your vision and goals.  An abundant resource of information, connecting parents to daycare providers, and providers to parents, building a lifelong relationship between customers walking through your doors. When searching for daycares, there could be pages upon pages of Google searches that you are doing looking for daycares in your area.The great thing about Top Daycare Centers is that their listing includes a name, address, phone number, headline, description, photos, videos, parent reviews and an interactive map. This is so important when you are trying to decide what daycare to pick because based on the list above, you are comparing many different things before deciding to even go for a visit to the location.


For working moms, there is nothing in the world more important than their children and finding someone who feels the same way about your children to take care of them while you are at work. Unfortunately, with more and more families being supported by two incomes, it is harder than ever for working moms to personally oversee their children’s needs. This is why daycares are so vital. But when you’re entrusting something as precious and important as your child’s well-being to someone else, you need to be absolutely positive that you’re entrusting the right person. With so many different options, it can be difficult to find time in your busy work schedule to fully explore them all. That’s where Top Daycare Centers comes in. They have them all listed out for you! It makes your life so much easier and more organized when you are running around trying to find the very best for your child.

Finding a daycare is a home away from home for your children. Make sure that this place is something that you like and use all of the tools provided in order to know what to look for in a location and how to find it.


Featured Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

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