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How to Make Time for Exercise with a Busy Schedule

It's not as impossible as you may think!

Whereas most people know the benefits of exercise, it’s not easy to incorporate it into our schedules and even make it work for the long term. Nonetheless, we can make it a beneficial undertaking by making it part of our weekly routine. It might take some time before the going gets easy but it’s worth making a start anyway.

Don’t run away from an exercise schedule; instead, make time for a good run that will make you sweat out and burn out. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it surely should be something you feel good about. In this article, we highlight ways in which you can schedule for exercise even when your schedule is overwhelmingly demanding.

Most of us struggle with making time for exercise from time to time. Here are some promising strategies to keep your workouts in the rotation, no matter how busy you are.

1. Turn your commute into a workout:

Your travel to work can be turned into a healthy undertaking through exercise. Instead of driving all the way, you can do a morning jog around a couple of blocks to the office. For this schedule to work, you need to appropriately plan for a change of clothes.

If the situation allows, you can have a few sets of clothes at the workplace so that you refresh appropriately on arrival. You can also pick the after-work-hours your time for exercise. Instead of driving home, you may decide to run, jog, or ride a bike.


2. Make it something you genuinely enjoy:

Regular exercise demands a proper mindset. If you make your exercise something you truly find fun, you will not push too hard to work out. For instance, you can incorporate dancing classes or choose a couple of good friends who will genuinely push you into an exercise program.

making time for fitness
It would also help to go through a fitness schedule and pick something that you find very interesting and enjoyable. It could be a trainer you get along with, a balance between aerobics or anaerobic classes, and so on. Just find fun in the exercise program.


3. Keep your workout clothes handy at all times:

What you wear is key to your exercise schedule. Get your workout clothes readily available. This kind of planning can be organized to work well both for exercise during work hours or even at home. Brisbane home doctor Brisbane home doctor says that this is also part of your mental preparedness and helps to give you a good start.

Sometimes, you may have to plan in advance for a week’s worth of clothes for your workout clothes. This makes it easy to navigate through a busy work week and helps to get the mind in shape in relation to the exercise routine.


4. Sneak in a Lunch workout:

The lunchtime break can be used for effective exercise. You can take a walk for a good distance instead of eating lunch from your desk. You can also get into a nearby gym and do some light exercise during your lunch break. This is a good way to avoid tampering with your busy schedule. Just ensure that it works conveniently with your daily schedule.

find time in busy schedule for working out

5. Sweat while your kids are sweating:

Playing around with the kids makes it easier to bond. It’s also an efficient way of helping you to exercise. You can do this either indoors or outdoors. The most important thing is ensuring that you create enough time and engage in activities that are interesting to them as well. Kids are naturally likely to have more energy than you, which is a good way of pushing to perform even better.

working out with your kids

Activities such as bike riding, running, and rope skipping are some of the exercises where kids can make good playmates help you sweat it out.


6. Choose a gym that’s close by:

Whether you pick a gym at home or at work, you need to pick a place that is easy to access. This allows you ample time to make your way to the gym whenever you have time. It also encourages you to push yourself to the gym regardless of the weather or time.

Gym membership is also encouraging as it allows you to join a team of interested persons. Team support helps in supporting each other morally, which is a good way of forming a routine.


7. Power Up your stair climbs:

Make climbing the stairs part of your daily routine. Keep off the escalator habit and replace it with a powerful climb up and down the staircase. Do this several times in the course of the week, and you will find it very, extremely fruitful.

You can use staircases in between meetings no matter how busy you are. Experts categorize stair climbing as a vertical exercise that helps to lift the body up and down. This increases strength to the feet, thighs, and hip muscles and also helps to tone the abdominal muscles. Over a period of time, this exercise will build endurance and help to improve gait and balance.


8. Make it a date:

A date is exciting, and whatever exercise you undertake can be equally exciting if you do it within the same time frame and mindset. For a date, you need both physical and mental preparedness. If you approach your exercise from this perspective, you have something to look forward to. You will easily make an effort to achieve whatever you want.


Set Goals:

Working with motivation in mind helps to push towards certain goals faster. Whether you work to simply keep fit, build muscle, enhance performance, or lose weight, you will benefit greatly from working with some goals in mind.

Set a specific time and place for exercise, and probably have someone to push you to this end. You will certainly enjoy the long term benefits.



Commitment and dedication are key in achieving goals from your workout plans. However, consistency helps to build the necessary mental and physical endurance that will help you go for a longer time. With exercise, the more you do it, the better you become. This notwithstanding, you must choose what works best from the beginning. Ensure that you get the right balance between your work and exercise.


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