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By: Natalie from momsandkidscreatingmemories.com


I love being a mom more than anything else in this world!  I always knew that I wanted to be a mom but I never knew how hard of a job it really is.  There are days I can lose my patience with my kids, get angry and not know what to do sometimes.  I love my kids and I wouldn’t change being a mom to my three kids for anything in the world but it can be hard at times.  

So, I know that we have all had one of those days, the kids are fighting or whining and you are short on patience and tired.  I have had more of those days than I would like to admit.  With three little ones at home, there are days that can be overwhelming.  So what can we do to change it?  How can you change a bad day into a good day?


I have come up with some simple things that you can do to change your day around.  Some of these activities you can do with no extra supplies.  Other activities you will need a few things that you most likely already have around your house.  So let’s check them out and see what can work for you and your family to turn your bad days into good days again.


Dance Party

One thing I like to do when a bad day has started is to turn on some music and turn it up loud.  I don’t know about your kids but my kids love to have a dance party.  So I turn on some loud music and we have a dance party in the middle of the living room.  We laugh and turn our day around.


Reading Cuddles

Maybe your bad day needs something a little quieter.  On these days I ask the kids to grab a couple books and we snuggle on the couch or on one of their beds and read some books.  It is amazing how changing the scenery or calming everyone down can change a bad day to a good day.  As a mom, I love these little moments with my kids.



Who doesn’t love bubbles?  I know every time I bring bubbles out for my kids that it can completely turn their mood around.  You can be the one blowing all the bubbles or you can send the kids outside with their own bubbles and let them go to town.  Another fun thing we like to do with bubbles is to blow them at our dog.  She usually tries to jump and eat the bubbles and gets us all laughing.  


Make a Fort

My kids love when I let them make a fort in the living room or in one of their bedrooms.  They pull out all the blankets and pillows from around the house and have a blast.  To make it extra special you need to get into the fort with them.  Indoor forts are a great place to change a bad day into a good day.


Make a Craft

I love crafts and my kids love to make crafts as well.  When we are having an off day I move us into a different area of the house.  I gather some fun supplies and we do a fun craft or make something for someone else.  On my blog me and my kids test out crafts and let you know which ones are good to do with your kids.


If you are looking for some other fun ideas on how to turn a bad day into a good day I have a free printable for you.  It is a fun printable with 16 different things that you can do with your kids to change the mood in your house.  You can print it off and hang it on your fridge so it is easy to access when a bad day comes.


Until next time, keep creating memories with your kids.



About the Author

28 days of mom love

My name is Natalie and I am the mother of three amazing kids (ages 6, 2, 1).  have been married to my hardworking husband for 10 years now.  I started homeschooling my oldest this year and it has been a learning process but so much fun.  I have always been a crafty person and I love doing fun things with my kids.  My blog is all about kid tested crafts and activities.  I also right about being real in this most rewarding and hardest job of motherhood.  So, check out my blog at momsandkidscreatingmemories.com.  I hope you find something you can use to create memories with your kids.

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